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7 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Battle with Bloodhorn


Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Chapter 1 Review has been posted recently. The game is very exciting but, sometimes we can get confused about what to do and how to do something. So this time I’ll give you 7 Beginner Tips For Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition to give you some basic tips for you in order to do well in this game. Click here if you haven’t read the review yet.


1. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Tips – Getting Started With Controls

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Tap to MoveThe main control of this game is tap to attack, tap to move, tap to dodge, tap to parry, etc. So it would be best for you to know when the right time to do what for what purpose. To move around you can use a single tap, tap on the ground in the area you want to move to, or tap and hold to move to the direction where your finger is touching and you will stop moving when you lift your finger. Be careful where you tap, some of my friends who has big finger oftenly go to area they didn’t want to.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - VulnurableTo attack monsters you can tap on them to begin your attack, or you can just simply walk close them and you will start attack them automatically. But in my experience, it would be best to give them a surprise attack with warp-strike skill. You can stand far away from the monster horde then tap and hold on one of them, then suddenly “Cha-ching” you are warped in front of their surprised faces, LoL.This method give you an advantage to attack first and give a vulnurable state to your enemy but your friends will follow you into the battle field soon later, so you must be mindful on enemy’s number you can face alone in that time.

Final Fantasy XV - Dodge icon

While you are fighting against monster, there will be an icon pop-out on your screen. At first few seconds the image show parry. So when you tap the icon in that moment you will parry enemy’s attack. If you don’t tap on it, after a few seconds the button’s image will change to dodge icon. You will dodge enemy’s attack when you tap the icon in that moment. But if you don’t tap at all at those 2 moments, you will just simply receive hit from enemy. So you must beware when the icon show up. Be sure to quickly tap on it so you can parry enemy’s attack to give them huge blow. And sometimes when you lucky enough, they will turn to vulnurable state.


2. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Tips – Battle Guidance

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Item Trader

In this game, you can use somekind of weapons, Blade, Great Sword, and Javelin. Different weapon has different stat so you must figure out which one to your prefer. I prefer using Great Sword because it can hit multiple enemies in range so i can handle more than 1 enemy at once and it has massive damage but in contrast, it has low attack speed.

Blade has faster attack speed but it just hit one enemy and the damage output is quite satisfying but not as much as Great Sword. Javelin has the fastest attack speed compared to the other two, and by that i mean very very very fast so you can strike repeatedly leave enemy no chance to run or attacking back. But in contrast it has very low damage output and it can hit only one enemy at a time.

Why i prefer Great Sword over the other two?. Because I can handle multiple enemies at once and also, low attack speed has advantage too. Firstly I always begin an attack with warp strike from far away. This made me has a surprise attack and the enemy has a chance to enter the vulnurable state.

After first attack it usually leave me hanging my Great Sword, trying to land the next attack but in the midst of it I can be attacked by another enemy behind me. That’s when the parry icon shows up. Doing parry give you a chance to counter enemy’s attack by attacking back and deal huge damage. When parry icon shows up, you must tap it as fast as you can or else it will change to dodge icon. Dodging the attack isn’t bad tho, but it only make you dodge enemy’s attack and miss your chance to attacking back.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - PotionsWhen your character’s HP or MP depleted, you can use potion in your backpack to heal your character or your friends. Each potions has it own purpose, one can heal the HP, one can heal MP, one can revive characters who have been knocked out in battle.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Warp StrikeFinal Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Warp Strike Spree

You can use the warp strike icon to occasionally hang from somewhere and see a much larger area than you would usually. This is great to get information about the enemy and to plan your attack onto them. So, use this recon option to the best of your abilities to gain an edge in battle.


3. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Tips – Upgrade Skills

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Skill Tree

As you can see in the picture above, i focusing in skills involving Great Sword. Like i said in tips number 2, you must choose which weapon do you like and focus on it. It’s okay to have all the weapons, but you must mindful when it comes to unlocking your skills. Each skill that i unlocked involving Great Sword. They has effect to enhance the damage output or add a combo with Great Sword. So I can fight tremendously with less injury.

Why focusing only on some skills, why not unlock them all equally at one time? Because you had your limit which is AP (Ascension Point). Unlocking each skill consume some amount of AP and the amount are different for each skill. You can get AP when you clear some quest (not every quest) and when you level up. That’s why at the beginning of game you must wisely choose which skill you want to have.

If you are already on advanced chapter, you might speed up your AP collection. Learn more how to do it.


4. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Tips – Clearing Quest

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Quest completed

Buying Weapons and Potions and unlocking new skills are the best way to help you get through this game. But forget not, you need to clear as many quest as you can to gain some money and AP. So you can shop some items and learn new skills. You can find quest by looking at the map. If there’s a quest needs to complete you will see a “!” mark on it. There are several side quest for you to complete besides the main one. Remember to always check the map everytime you move to another place.


5. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Tips – Explore More

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Explore more Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Explore more 2Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Treasure Area

Yesterday when I re-play the chapter 1, I accidentally found a secret passage and there are treasures and monsters. So you must explore more to find any treasure to benefit you in upcoming battle. Remember that like it’s name, secret passage isn’t easy to find. Sometimes you must walking around the whole map around the corners to find it. Once you find it, be sure to loot all the treasures and left nothing behind. And also kill all the enemy to get EXP.


6. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Tips – Kill All Visible Enemy

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Cactus Monster

Obviously, if you want to gain EXP and level-up your character, you must kill the enemy. But what i mean is don’t just kill enemy based on your ongoing quest only. Like when i was asked to “clear the pest” quest. It said that i must kill a bunch of monster named Varmint. But on my way hunting them, i saw some cactus monster strolling around. In fact, cactus monsters wasn’t blocking my path. They was on their own area beside the path i should go to where Varmint were. After i killed those cactus monsters, i got AP and also an item called Cactuar Needle which can be sell later. So be noted, kill all enemy in sight.


7. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Tips – Come Back and Re-Kill

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Rekill

Idk if you are already know this but i guess this trick is quite useful for beginner like us. Yesterday when I was re-play chapter 1, I got quest from reporter guy. He told me to do some errand for him in exchange for something. When I arrived at the location, I accidentally found secret passage (refer to tips number 5, first picture).

I killed all the monsters there and then i went back to the previous area to continue my quest. But i got curious if I missed any treasure there so I re-enter that area again. And Ta-Daa, all the monsters were respawned. So, obviously i killed them all once again and i got EXP and items again from killing them. But maybe I wasn’t lucky when I tried to re-enter that area again for the third time, no monster re-spawned. So maybe there’s a limit of how many time monsters can be re-spawned or idk. But still it’s worth to try y’know.


So that’s it, I have wrote all the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Tips and Tricks that i know. Do you hear this for the first time or you already knew this?. Tell me on the comment section which tips useful to you. And if you have another tips or tricks up your sleeve let others know it too by commenting down below.

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