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6 Most Popular Card-User RPG Characters

Card-user RPG Characters

In RPG world, there are lot types of characters. Each character also has specific personality and taste, which later will determine what kind of equipment they use. Among the equipment, on the top of the lists would be weapons. There are swords, spears, staves, rods, maces, knuckles, and many more. One of the unique kinds of weapon would be cards.

I found that RPG characters with card as their weapon is cool and also rare. Because they are using cards as their weapon, there are some among them who has gamble-based skills. If most people usually only knows Gambit (of X-men), here are the list of most popular card-user RPG characters.

1. Setzer Gabbiani (Final Fantasy VI)

Setzer Gabbiani - Final Fantasy VI

Setzer is one of the playable characters in Final Fantasy VI. He is a vagabond and also a gambler; he even named his airship: Blackjack. His trademarks were his silver hair and his noble black trench coat that we can see in-game. Setzer loves gamble so much that he dares to risk anything in order to prove his skills in term of gambling. It is said that he has scars on his body because of gambling went wrong.

In Final Fantasy VI, Setzer uses dices, darts, and cards as his weapon. As a gambler, he has the ultimate weapon called Final Trump (in appearance of deck of cards) which will consume MP when attacking for an automatic critical hit. It is a droppable item from Ice Dragon in Dragons’ Den.

As a gambler, Setzer has skills such as: Slot and Gil Toss, which involves luck upon usage. Those are gambler class’ specific skills in Final Fantasy games. Setzer also has Desperation Attack (or Limit Break in other Final Fantasy series) called Red Card, which can be used only when his HP is below 1/8 of max HP. It will deals magic damage at 147 power on one enemy.

2. Dahna (Grandia III)

Dahna - Grandia III

Dahna is one of Grandia III characters who live in Baccula. She became the leader of her village since her love, Raven, mysteriously disappeared. She is a fortune teller who believes that cards have an influence or a reflection of life; thus she uses cards to attack and cast magic. She wears a fortune teller’s dress colored in red, with some gypsy-like accessories decorating her dress.

In Grandia III, Dahna uses cards as weapon, as mentioned above. Her greatest weapon is called Sublime Cards, with the effect of +70 ATK and +84 MAG (not the strongest in ATK but has the highest MAG bonus). Dahna has some special moves: Homing Shot (cancel attack effect), Mana Capture (absorbs MP), Dancing Cards (counter attack effect), and Mana Spring (MP consumption reduced to 0).

3. Sneff (Chrono Cross)

Sneff - Chrono Cross

Sneff is one of the workers on S.S. Zelbess in Chrono Cross. He started as an entertainer magician, but developed a penchant for gambling and games of chance as Fargo tricked him every time they gamble. And later he fell into servitude due to his mounting debt with Fargo. Sneff’s appearance is old and rough, unlike any other magician. He can be recruited after defeating Sage of Marbule on S.S. Zelbess.

Sneff is using cards as his weapon. He has some gambler-only skills like: BigDeal and HPShuffle (this one can helps a lot but sometimes can also backfire pretty badly). He also has SwordTrick skill, which can become SwordStorm (Dual Tech) if combined with Guile’s WandaSwords. It’s a good thing that he has Dual Tech, since not every character in the game can perform that.

4. Sheena Fujibayashi (Tales of Symphonia)

Sheena Fujibayashi - Tales of Symphonia

Sheena is one of the playable characters in Tales of Symphonia. She is a skilled ninja from Mizuho who is sent to assassinate Colette Brunel. She meets Lloyd (the main protagonist) and the party at Ossa Trail, and fights them at first. In the end she decides to join the party after they help her during the event in Luin. She is always accompanied by Corrine, a fox-like summon spirit and Sheena’s best friend.

Sheena uses cards as her weapon. She is a decent melee fighter and summoner. She can call upon Summon Spirits to aid the party in battle. She can only summons in Over Limit (powered-up mode) with the exception of Corrine, and once she begins the incantation the summoned spirit will appear and deals massive damage to all enemies in range as well as giving support stats to party members.

5. Ace (Final Fantasy Type-0)

Ace - Final Fantasy Type-0

Ace is the main protagonist in Final Fantasy Type-0, whom also the number one of Class Zero (the premier class of Agito Cadets which consists of fourteen cadets). He wears a red cape, a black jacket with gold-padded shoulders, and white pants, which are trademarks of Class Zero uniform. His personality is cool and a bit reckless sometimes. Despite his age, he has a mature speech and attitude.

Ace uses a deck of cards as his weapon. He is the only members of Class Zero who uses cards. He has a Triad Maneuver (special attack which require three party members) called Straight Flush. He also has an ultimate weapon called Black Trump (dropped by True Gilgamesh) which has 10% chance of inflicting Instant Death. In-game, Ace has excellent evasion and advantage of long range attack.

6. Luxord (Kingdom Hearts II)

Luxord - Kingdom Hearts II

Luxord is known as the Gambler of Fate, and at Rank X within Organization XIII (a group of powerful thirteen Nobodies in Kingdom Hearts II). He possesses the power of time manipulation and uses his ability to play timed games with his opponents. He meets Sora and companions at Port Royal at first, where he challenges them to a game. Later, he fights Sora alone in the World That Never Was.

Luxord is the only member of Organization XIII who uses cards as a weapon. Luxord’s weapon are very flexible, he can use cards in varying sizes and even turn himself into a giant card. He has a signature weapon called Fair Game cards, and a Limit Break called Jackpot. He also has a Reaction Command called Flip, which causes the cards to vanish and planted with traps that can be triggered.

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My favorite goes to Setzer Gabbiani of Final Fantasy VI. When talking about card-user characters in RPG, the first who comes in my mind was Setzer. His appearance and role in Final Fantasy VI was quite memorable enough although not as big as the other characters (read here to know more about his background). Also, he might be one of the earliest characters in RPG who uses cards as weapon.

What about you? Which card-user RPG character is your favorite? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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