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5 Worlds That I Wish Will Appear In Kingdom Hearts Series

Kingdom Hearts III - D23 Expo - Featured Image

Tokyo Game Show 2018 is coming soon! The annual video game expo held in Japan is going to show every detail about the upcoming game and hardware release which made by Japan game developers. And of course, the showcase will include the long-awaited sequel of the Kingdom Hearts series. The enthusiasm and excitement of the fans seems to move Square Enix in producing another sequel of it.

As we all know, the latest from Kingdom Hearts series will be Kingdom Hearts III which will be released sometime in 2019 (read the details here). From the first to the twelfth installment, Kingdom Hearts games used a lot of Disney characters, world, and another related universe. Rumors are going around about what worlds would be included in Kingdom Hearts III.

Worlds such as Frozen, Toy Story, Tangled and Pirates of the Caribbean’s world are already confirmed by Square Enix, and successfully shocked the fans out there. But among all the worlds that has been in Kingdom Hearts series, there are some which I wish will appear in Kingdom Hearts III or another sequel. Check out 5 worlds that I wish will appear in Kingdom Hearts series (aside from copyright matters).

1. Marvel Universe

Marvel Universe Characters

Do you ever imagine playing a game where the famous Marvel superheroes such as Iron Man and Captain America fight alongside Sora? Although it might sounds weird to make the animation of the real cast of Marvel characters (because most of them are human). It is going to be interesting for sure watching Sora fighting the Heartless with the help from Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man with all their superpowers.

2. Star Wars

Star Wars Wallpaper

With the existence of light saber in Star Wars movies, it is very easy to link it to Sora’s weapon: Light saber Keyblade version. Not only the weapon, but both Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts series has some similarities such as black-hooded characters, fight between light and dark forces, and some others, making it sounds very logical to link Star Wars world and elements into Kingdom Hearts games.

3. Finding Nemo/Dory

Finding Dory Wallpaper

Although Kingdom Hearts series has tasted the atmosphere of Atlantis in the first Kingdom Hearts game, it is not a bad idea to make another underwater world like in Finding Nemo/Dory into this game. With the experience from making the Atlantis world, I’m sure that the team can make a lot of improvements to make Finding Nemo/Dory world much better than Little Mermaid’s world.

4. Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. Wallpaper

Linking Monsters, Inc. world to Kingdom Hearts games will be so much fun. Imagine that Sora and the party will have the specific costume from Monsters Inc. world just like when they changed costume in Halloween Town. Also, having Mike and Sully as Sora’s partners is very possible with their own uniqueness and probably some weird skills. Saving Boo can also become the goal to achieve in this world.

(Good news! From the information found in the internet, Disney and Pixar have decided to collaborate in order to bring Monsters, Inc. world to Kingdom Hearts III!)

5. Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph Wallpaper

Wreck-It Ralph movie was known to have one of the Disney princesses, Vanellope. In its last movie teaser, all of the Disney princesses even gathered in a scene. So with those connections, I guess making it become a part of Kingdom Hearts world would be very possible. The plot could start where Sora must rescue Vanellope with the help of Ralph, of course with his incredible strength which is a big help.

(As revealed from the developer, Wreck-It Ralph world will be present in Kingdom Hearts III. See the details here!)

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Since I am a fan of Wreck-It Ralph, I want it to be part of Kingdom Hearts world. As a nonexpert, I think that because both are made with CGI technology, it will be simpler than to render Star Wars or Marvel Universe character’s real face into an animated version. But I have to admit, if the team can make it a reality, having Sora ventures the Star Wars or Marvel Universe world would be awesome.

What about you, do you have any wish about what world should appear in Kingdom Hearts series? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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