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#ThrowbackRPG – 5 Unique Suikoden III Nonhuman Characters

Suikoden III Characters

Almost all RPG players will surely notice this legendary franchise easily. Suikoden series was known to be one of the greatest RPG franchise for consoles. Starting in PlayStation, it proves to be loved by a whole lot of gamers. All of my experience in playing Suikoden series makes me realize how complicated politics are, and how bad the effect of war is. This game taught me that, as a kid at that time.

What is so interesting about this PlayStation 2 game is obviously none other than the rich character development, both in quantity and quality. We will find a lot of excitement during character recruitment progress. Because of that, we provide you 5 unique Suikoden III nonhuman characters that you should know before playing, or if you want to reminiscing the old times.

1. Bright

Bright - Suikoden III

Bright is a playable character in form of a dragon. Bright is associated with Chikyou Star (The Strong Star) in Suikoden III. Bright is a white dragon found originally in Mount Rakutei, by the former Suikoden II main protagonist. This dragon is actually a partner of Futch, who also made appearance together in Suikoden II. Although he is a dragon, Bright is quite fond of people especially in the Dragon Knight brigade.

Being an animal, Bright cannot equip armor or accessories, but he can still use healing items. He also has a unique called Spreading Flame Rune. To be able to recruit Bright, we need to speak to Futch on the mountain path to Caleria, and then help him find Sharon. Once you found Sharon around Caleria, Futch will join the party along with Bright.

2. Gau

Gau - Suikoden III

Gau is a Kobold warrior, a member of Duke’s Platoon of the Fourteenth Unit of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia Defense Force. Gau is associated with Chikai Star (The Star of Gathering). His background is unknown, living as a stray Kobold warrior. One day, Duke save him from death and after that he decided to work alongside Duke.

Gau can perform Mercenary D unite attack along with Duke, Elaine, and Nicolas. He will joins automatically in Chapter 5, the only requirement is that we don’t run (as Geddou) while protecting the people of Le Buque.

3. Sgt. Joe

Sgt. Joe - Suikoden III

Sgt. Joe, or known as Sergeant Jordi is a warrior from Duck Clan. He is associated with Tenko Star (The Lone Star). He is considered good looking (in duck standard, of course) and popular with girls because of his eyes and tail. When we play Hugo’s scenario, we will notice that he is a mentor and also an attendant of Hugo.

Sgt. Joe has a Water Rune attached to his left hand. He also has some unite attacks: Mounted Attack (along with Shabon) and Adonis Attack (along with Bazba and Ruby). Sgt. Joe will joins automatically in Chapter 1 of Hugo’s scenario.

4. Bazba

Bazba - Suikoden III

Bazba is a warrior originally from Lizard Clan. Bazba is associated with Tenritsu Star (Star of the Standing Spear). He is assisting Chief Dupa from Lizard Clan, along with Shiba. In lizard standard, Bazba is considered to be handsome and popular with girls. He even has a fan club made by his fans.

Bazba is the only Lizard clansman of the playable trio (Bazba, Dupa, Shiba) who can use magic and has a second rune slot. Bazba has a Cyclone Rune attached permanently into his right hand. He also has some unite attacks: Triangle Strike (along with Dupa and Shiba) and Adonis Attack (with Sgt. Joe and Ruby). Bazba will joins automatically in Chapter 4.

5. Fubar

Fubar - Suikoden III

Fubar is a gryphon and also a friend of Hugo. Fubar is associated with Tenku Star (The Empty Star). His first meeting with Hugo was when he came to Karaya Village, almost harmed by the protective villagers. But 4 year old Hugo went closer to him and he proves that Fubar isn’t harmful. He then join The Fire Bringer (or Keepers of the Flame) along with Hugo (as the successor of the Flame Champion).

Like any other creature-type characters, Fubar cannot equip armor and accessories. He has a Shining Wind Rune attached on his head. He also has some unite attacks: Mounted Attack (along with Hugo) and Wild Roar (along with Hallec). Fubar will joins automatically in Chapter 1 of Hugo’s scenario.

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As a game with a lot of playable characters, to found that there are some nonhuman playable characters is somewhat exciting. Although they might not eventually as strong as the human characters, they have something unique in them. At least, the story behind them and the recruitment progress is really interesting and worth trying.

My favorite goes to Bright, since I always think that dragon creatures are cool and often starred in most RPG. To add more, I played Suikoden II and I noticed that Bright has the relationship with an event in the prior version involving the main protagonist. What about you, which one of Suikoden III nonhuman characters above are your favorite? Please share your thoughts below.

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