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#ThrowbackRPG – 5 Unique Recruitable Radiata Stories Characters (Nonhuman Path)

Radiata Stories Characters

Before, we already discussed about how unique Radiata Stories gameplay and character recruitment are. The timing factor in the character recruitment is what makes this game different. While in the other games only need to collect certain items or quest, in Radiata Stories we need to know even the daily routine of each character. I think this feature is quite rare in most RPG, making it a unique factor.

We discussed about recruitable characters in human path before, and now it is about the unique characters in nonhuman path. Although some players think that the human path characters are way cooler, it is still important to know about nonhuman path characters, especially if you are going to complete the friends list. Here are 5 unique recruitable Radiata Stories characters in nonhuman path.

1. Donkey

Donkey - Radiata Stories

Donkey is a Green Goblin who loves music. His hometown is Shangri-La. He wears a brown cap and a leather briefs. He also carries a wooden branch shaped like a guitar. In order to recruit him, we must first experience the large man in Vancoor Square event. After that, we need to buy all of his records. After you bought all of his records, you must talk to him and he will join the party.

Donkey carries a branch-shaped guitar named Vagabond’s Guitar as a weapon. When he joins, he will bring along Goblin Suit and Skill Upper (increase evasion) as equipments. He has an attack named Guitar Attack, and he will initially learned Absorb HP skill as soon as he joins.

2. Aesop

Aesop - Radiata Stories

Aesop is originally a member of the goblin trio along with Gob and Monki, but due to certain event the trio disbanded and he became a part of the comedy duo Monki Magic along with Monki. He wears a blue cap and blue colored briefs. To recruit him, we need to be at least level 24 and experienced the large man in Vancoor Square event. Then defeat him with his goblin trio in his hometown, Shangri-La.

Aesop uses a ladle as a weapon. He also equipped with Goblin Suit when he joins. He has attack moves called Ladle Attack and Pouch Pitch. His initial skill is Prevent Poison, which is quite useful to give status immunity for poison-based attacks. For your information, status immunity is really matters in the kind of action RPG such as Radiata Stories.

3. Ricky

Ricky - Radiata Stories

Ricky is a Black Goblin who is accompanied by a wolf (named Happy), making him a wolfrider. He wears a kind of fancy costume, and also his wolf friend which has a colorful painted body in some parts. To recruit him, we must first talk to him in the Sediche Region, and then find Happy in Nowem-Sediche Region, then give the wolf an Herb Extract. After that, talk to Ricky again and he will join your party.

Ricky has a weapon called Toadstool Lance (with poison effect). When he joins, he will have Toadstool Suit and Protect Shell equipped. He has some nice attacks such as: Wolf Fang, Combo Thrust (3 hits), and Pike Swing (2 hits and poison effect). He also has Prevent Curse as his initial skill, allowing him to have status immunity against curse-based status attacks.

4. Clarence

Clarence - Radiata Stories

Clarence is a Dark Elf spy, collecting information about other races. He lives in Forest Metropolis, but rarely seen because of his work. To recruit him, we must experience the event visiting Goblin Haven, and then recruit: Chatt, Coco, Franz, Hyann, Lufa, Marsha, Martinez, Mikey, Rika, Romaria, Santos, Serva, Zida. Then talk to him in Fort Helencia area to make him joins.

Clarence is a melee fighter; he uses his fists and legs as his weapon. He is also equipped with Leaf Clothes when he joins. He has some good attack moves such as: Combo Punch (hits twice), High Spin Kick (knockback effect), and Crescent Kick. Another good thing about Clarence is that he initially learned Prevent Paralyze skill, and we already know that status immunity is important in this game.

5. Galvados

Galvados - Radiata Stories

Galvados is the leader of Blood Orcs living in Borgandiazo. As a leader, he has Bull and Drago tagging along as his subordinates. He is known for the biggest and the baddest of his tribe, and even surpasses the Green Orcs. He is the only Blood Orcs that is recruitable. To recruit him, simply talk to him when he is in sitting position at the base of Borgandiazo, after defeating him in battle.

Galvados wields a weapon called Bloody Hammer. He is also equipped with Shabby Mail when he joins. In battle, Galvados moves slowly but he can withstand massive amounts of damage. His health and defense is considerably strong compared to most characters. He is what we call a “powerhouse”, and serves as a tank for the team.

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Clarence is my favorite above all those nonhuman characters. I always think that melee fighters are cooler. They way they equipped with only gloves or even bare hand but can still overkill the enemies, is really something for me. And usually, melee fighters like Clarence has some interesting and dynamic attack moves compared to those with weapons.

What about you? Which Radiata Stories character is your favorite? Please share your thoughts below.

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