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#ThrowbackRPG – 5 Unique Recruitable Radiata Stories Characters (Human Path)

Radiata Stories Characters

Characters are like the life of a game. For some players, recruiting characters is somewhat interesting. Personally, I am one of those kinds of gamers. Games with rich characters such as Suikoden series are really fun and attractive for me. Although Suikoden has very good reputation in RPG, but apparently there are other games in classic console that are as good as it is. For example: Radiata Stories.

Radiata Stories is a fun-type RPG with the total of 176 recruitable characters. The characters will be divided into Nonhuman Path and Human Path. What is great about this game is that every character has specific routine everyday and to recruit them requires some efforts and patience. For those who love this kind of game, here are 5 unique recruitable Radiata Stories characters in Human Path.

1. Kain

Kain - Radiata Stories

Kain is the current high priest of the Olacion Order. He wears a high priest robe with dominant white and blue colors. Kain has a connection with the missing high priestess Enjela, the person that brought him to the guild. In order to recruit him you must first recruit all of the Olacion Order members, then talk to him and he will be added to the Friends List.

Kain wields no weapon. When he joins, he will be equipped with High Priest’s Gown and Miracle Amulet. In battle, he will be able to use Palm of Energy (knockback effect) and Moonlit Heal SE (restores 35% of party’s maximum HP), and a Volty Attack (Special Move): The End of Time. Kain also has Auto Cure skill learned when he joins.

2. Ortoroz

Ortoroz - Radiata Stories

Ortoroz is the leader of Void Community, one of the guilds in the dark side of Radiata. Although he serves as a leader, he works under Nyx, the founder and the shadow leader of the guild. His trademark is his one eyed-appearance; using a gold colored-eye cover. To recruit him, you need to collect four Meteor Fragments scattered in Dova Region, Adien Region, Tria Village, and Septem Region.

Ortoroz wields a large knife called Answerer, usable only to him. He will be equipped with Scouts Suit and Toughness Bangle when he joins. He has variety of attacks such as: Cutting Knives, Helmet Crush, Fists of Fury, High Tackle, and Steal. His attacks mostly have confuse effect. He also learned Defence Plus skill already when he joins the party.

3. Sonata

Sonata - Radiata Stories

Sonata is the assistant leader of the Void Community. Shaped like a feline, he is originally from a country far from Radiata, same as Nyx. Sonata is dressed in a black robe, which suits his quiet personality. In order to recruit him, you need to talk to Ortoroz until he mentions about Sonata, and then talk to Sonata at Heliforde Gate bridge, Echidna Gate bridge, and Lupus Gate bridge.

Sonata used a twin Predator Claw as a weapon, both in each hand. He also wears a Hades Robe as his armor. He has varied attack moves such as: Aerial Duo Claw, Bashing Mirage, Steal, and Soul Breath (with curse effect). Sonata also has Stop Affliction as his initial skill.

4. Interlude

Interlude - Radiata Stories

This mysterious character with few words is the Void Community manager. He has a nickname: das Gespens (dead spirit), depicting his mysterious and cruel manners in completing tasks. He will not hesitate to slaughter his target and anyone who gets in his way. Interlude wears a mask covering his face. To recruit him, simply talk to Ortoroz until he mentions Interlude, and then defeat him in battle.

Interlude uses gloves equipped with claws as his weapon. His initial equipments are Chrome Clothes and Power Bangle. He has some attack moves using claws: Bear Claw, Combo Claw (hits twice), Crush Claw (hits twice). As initial skill, he has Fierce Defence learned as soon as he joins.

5. Genius Weissheit

Genius - Radiata Stories

Last but not least, Genius. This character is somewhat a surprise beside the existence of Valkyrie in this game. Genius has an almost identical appearance as Lezard Valeth (every gamer who played Valkyrie Profile knows him for sure). Genius is a member of Vareth Magic Institute along with his sister Leona. To recruit him, you can talk to him in his hidden chamber in the sewers area of Radiata City.

Genius uses a staff called Abyss as his weapon. He is equipped with Enchanted Robe and Magic Boost as initial equipments. His combat skills are magic-based, such as: Wind Cutter (10% chance to paralyze target), Healing (but only able to heal himself), and Ice Missile (with freeze effect). Genius also learned Auto Cure as his initial skill.

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Among all of the recruitable characters in human path above, my favorite will be Genius. The first time I saw him, reminded me of Lezard Valeth. Both are magic casters, and both are my favorite. Their backgrounds are somewhat interesting compared with the other characters. What about you? Do you have your own favorite character? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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