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5 Types of RPG Gamer You Need to Know

Main Casts of FF Dissidia Duodecim

There are so many aspects within an RPG game, such as storyline, characters selection, customization, gameplay, soundtrack, and many more. That being said, those aspects enable us to enjoy the game in various ways. In other words, how we enjoy the game can also define what type of player we are. Here are 5 types of RPG gamer you need to know.


1. Finisher

Fairy Fencer F dialogue

This type of gamer solely focusing to finish the main story as soon as possible. The story pique their interest so much, to the extent that another aspects of the game become less interesting for them. They tend to carefully and patiently read the dialogue between characters, in order to gain better or even complete understanding of the story.


2. Powergamer

Persona 4 Izanagi-no-Okami max stats

Leveling up character through battle one after another, obtain the ultimate weapon/armor/accessory or sharpen one to its max level, gain all possible abilities, and even money as much as possible. These are stuffs often associated with powergamer type. This is important to prepare for battle against tough bosses, surely. The more the level gap between them and the enemies, the more satisfying it is for them. You can also say they’re quite a battle freak.


3. Daredevil

Final Fantasy IX Ozma level 1 challenge

The opposite of powergamer type. While powergamers seek to power up their character(s) as much as possible, the daredevils going into battle with their level as lowest as possible, and minimum equipments. They want to challenge themselves, no matter how many times their party wiped out by stronger bosses. Those who play the game at the highest difficulty can also be considered daredevil.


4. Wanderer

Final Fantasy X blitzball game

Especially in JRPG, there are many places you can explore and BGM you can listen to (in certain game the places even have their own unique BGM, such as in Suikoden series). The wanderer type went astray from finishing the game (which is generally the main goal), and prefer to roam around the map, visiting every places, speaking with NPCs, and even find that some sidequest or minigame is more exciting than the story itself.


5. Exclusioner

Suikoden II all female party

The exclusioner prefer to make a party consist of characters with certain criteria, such as all-male, all-female, knights, mages, animals, or even cute characters. Not limited to the characters themselves, it can also be applied to other things such as armor or accessory. As long as the armor or accessory is somewhat ‘cool’, cute, and good looking, regardless of its rating or usefulness, an exclusioner will most likely equip it.


As vast as the RPG itself, of course the type or classification of its player is broader than those mentioned above. Sometimes we can assume that a person is completely the wanderer or powergamer type, but sometimes there’s also player that can be categorized into two or more types. When he finished the game for the first time he was more the finisher type. Next time he’s playing, already know how the story will ended, he decide to explore places and sidequests (hence the wanderer type).


Whether it’s one type or another, it’s completely fine to enjoy playing RPG the way you see it exciting. It’s okay if someone bashing you for wandering too much, or mocking your party preferences. Personally I consider myself more into the powergamer type, as I’m obsessed to make my character(s) into the ultimate being. So, have you noticed which type of player are you? Please note that the types mentioned above intended for RPG in video games. If you want to know about another forms of RPG kindly check here and more stuff about RPG here.


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  1. Oh oh I want add some types too!

    The Balancer : The one who always wanted to make the characters in the same level, same equipment, and same status.
    The Breeder : The one who want to make all the character achieve the maximum level and maximum status.
    The Collector : The one who will not stop playing his favorite RPG until they get all the items, revealed all the secrets and hidden tricks.
    The Chooser : The one who makes the main protagonist or any particular character stronger than everyone else.


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