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5 Tips of Physical Distancing for Gamer Edition

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COVID-19 or also known as Coronavirus has become a real threat to the whole world with its agility in affecting the people. Even World Health Organization (WHO) has strongly advised the people around the world to isolate themselves at home and implement physical distancing. Then what about us gamer? No need to get panicked, since we have these things we can do while implementing physical distancing.

1. Replaying “Old but Gold” Games

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Artwork

There are lots of RPG titles that are considered as old but gold for its quality. Let us say Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series, or Dragon Quest series often called as timeless games. But of course, each gamer has their own old but gold games according to the taste and experience. And during this physical distancing period, it is the best time to replay those games once more and being nostalgic.

2. Hunting Free Games


One thing that we should know is that behind a bad situation sometimes there is a good thing that needs to be thankful for. As in this pandemic of COVID-19, some of the game developers are participating to promote physical distancing by giving free games. For us gamer that is one big help since we will be occupied with the games and forget about going outside too often. At times like these, staying at home is the best option to keep safe from the virus.

3. Resuming Unfinished Games

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As a gamer, there is a lot of chance that we left a game unfinished because of some reasons. Especially in long-duration genre like RPG, there is a big chance that you left a game undone because of certain business or boredom. So in this pandemic situation, resuming those unfinished games is the best thing to do, especially if you are still interested with the upcoming story of a certain RPG you have played before.

4. Playing with Other Players through Social Network

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In this modern time, there is a lot of online software that we can use to connect with other people. In terms of gaming, we have Discord as our tools to communicate with other players. By using Discord, we utilize the text, image, video and audio features that the software provides to make playing game more fun. Besides, at time like these playing online games seems to be more effective than usual, isn’t it?

5. Becoming a Youtuber

Dragon Quest XI Opening Video - SS

You like playing games, you have skill, and you are used to entertain people, why not try to become a Youtuber? I think if you want to try, this is the best time to do that. Of course, you need to be yourself but also well-mannered while delivering the contents to your viewers. At times like these, even people that don’t play games need something to be watched. So this is your perfect time to show off as a content creator!

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Having this pandemic situation of COVID-19 or Coronavirus has forced us to adjust to a new kind of lifestyle called “work from home” or “stay at home”. While giving the experts time to make a vaccine, it is our time to help them by suppressing the contagion through staying at home. And for us gamer, playing games at home becomes one of many ways to support them while the medical teams doing their best to fight the virus.

Do you have another thing to add about physical distancing for gamer tips? Please share your thoughts in the comment below and don’t forget to implement physical distancing in any place, remember that our good health means a lot to the world now.

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