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5 Things You Should Do While Playing MMORPG

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MMORPG or also known as Massive Multiplayer Online RPG has develop greatly recently. The mechanism allows us to compete or play with other player all over the world. Because of that feature, we can find and befriend with players vary in age and gender. If human is a social being, then with the existence of MMORPG we can socialize inside the online game world.

In Asian countries, the development of MMORPG is improving rapidly since there are some countries that were known best in making good MMORPG. For example, countries such as Japan and Korea are known to have good selection of MMORPG. Which is why, we can find more MMORPG fans in Asian countries. So before you start trying one of them, here are 5 things you should do while playing MMORPG.

1. Determine Your Purpose of Playing MMORPG

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First thing first, we need to know our purpose of playing MMORPG. What kind of gaming experience that we expect upon playing it? What kind of benefit that we expect? Can MMORPG fulfill our needs of gaming experience? If the answer is no, then MMORPG is definitely not for you. But if the answer is yes, then you should start to choose which kind of game that will fulfill your desire in gaming.

With purposes varies for each individual, we can find different purposes for every players we met. There are players who only interested in financial gain by selling in-game items, there are also players who want to have new friends or even just to kill time. No matter what your purpose is, it is entirely up to you to make use of MMORPG. By knowing your purpose beforehand, you can enjoy it easier.

2. Choose the Right Game that Suits You Best


The next step will be to choose the right games that will suits us best and can fulfill our gaming needs. After knowing your purpose in playing MMORPG, then next is to find a suitable game for us to play. Choosing a game might be simple, but if we failed to choose the right game we will end up having a burden for the entire playthrough. And after that, we will leave the game before it is finished

To prevent that situation to happen, we need to follow our heart. Choose what kind and which MMORPG that might satisfy you the most, and do not let other’s opinion affect your decision. Other person’s opinion might be a good recommendation, but we should remember that every individual has different taste. So what is best for them might not be the best for us too.

3. Create Your Character as Best as You Can

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After we chose the right game for us, it is time to dive into the game world. First thing first after we went online, we will be asked to create a username. Since we are not the only one who plays MMORPG, we might need to try try several times until we can find unused name. As well as in-game nickname, we need to find a unique name for our character, so avoid using a popular name from games or anime.

As for the gender in-game, we have the freedom to choose between male of female character. The male player can play as a female character as well as the female player can try being a male character in the game world. In a game that has a wide range of character customization, you should make use of that chance to make your dream hero or heroine becomes real.

4. Join Guilds and Communities

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Since it is massively played, why bother struggling alone in the wild? Join guilds and communities, and you will find a lot of benefits from it. You can find a lot of players joining the guilds since the beginning of the game and that is not without a reason. By joining guilds, you can find a lot of guild members that will be your partner in finishing a quest. Seems like being a lonewolf is not a good choice this time.

By joining a guild, we can open the possibility for guild wars and PvP interguilds. If we join an active guild, not only we can co-operate with the members, we can also participate in guild wars. Usually, winning a war will benefit the entire members of the guild. From joining guild we can find from a chatting partner into friends in real life. You can even find your soulmate there in any kind of form.

5. Play as a True Gamer with Pride

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Above all things, we must remember that it is essential to play as a true gamer. A true gamer will never cheat. Then why we should not cheat while playing? There is a lot of cheats for every MMORPG for sure, and it will make our gameplay a lot easier. But what is the point of playing an easy game? A game is not made to be cheated, so every cheat used will decrease the fun upon playing it.

The more cheaters will only means the faster the game will be left out by its true players and the faster the game will be taken down for its decreasing popularity. I need to assure you, playing using cheats is no fun at all. You will never feel the thrills and struggles in fighting enemies just to make your character stronger, level by level. If there is no more fun, then why should we play?

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Playing an online game in a huge world with massive number of players is so much fun. You can find friends, communities, and probably a soulmate for you in the real life. But before playing a MMORPG, make sure you understand those points above. And remember, if you are going to be a player, make sure that you will be a healthy player who respects time and healthy lifestyle in real life.

So what is your experience in playing MMORPG? Are you a fan of this genre? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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