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5 Strongest and Most Memorable Summons in Final Fantasy Series

Summon Leviathan in FF XV

Summon is a being, a creature, and an entity that plays an important role in most RPG. A summon can be called into battles using certain items, equipments, or by summoner job’s skill. As well as in Final Fantasy series, summons can be really useful at times especially when fighting strong enemies or bosses. By using summons in battles, the summon monsters will attack instead of the characters.

In Final Fantasy series, which has a lot of series in total, the summons are called differently as Eidolons, Espers, and Aeons; all have the same meaning: summon monsters. But, not all summons are made to be equally strong, some of them are just simply unique. Among the many summons of the whole series, here are the top 5 strongest and most memorable summons in Final Fantasy series.

1. Phoenix

Phoenix - Final Fantasy Series

Phoenix, or also called Phenix, is a recurring summons in the Final Fantasy series. Unlike the other summon, Phoenix has often appeared as a story element. The eternal fire bird deals fire damage to the enemies and can revive knocked-out party members. In Final Fantasy VI, Locke tries to revive Rachel using the Esper: Phoenix.

Especially in Final Fantasy VII, we can pair the Phoenix materia with Final Attack to revive all of our party members even after a devastating attack which usually leads to the characters death. With that fact, Final Fantasy VII is the best incarnation of Phoenix in the whole series.

2. Alexander

Alexander - Final Fantasy Series

Alexander or also known as Alexandr, is another recurring summons in the Final Fantasy series. It has the shape of a giant robot, often appearing as a fortress-type entity with Divine Judgment as its signature attack. Alexander originally appearing in Final Fantasy VI, but in Final Fantasy IX Alexander became a part of the main story where it is summoned by Garnet and Eiko when Kuja summoned Bahamut.

With its major part against Kuja’s summon, Bahamut in Final Fantasy IX, Alexander has the best incarnation in Final Fantasy IX compared with the other game in the series. The battle of the two powerful summons: Alexander the moving castle against Bahamut the dragon king easily catch our attention as it is a part of the main story which is impossible to miss.

3. Shiva

Shiva - Final Fantasy Series

Shiva is a frequently recurring ice-elemental summon in Final Fantasy series. The ice queen has appeared in almost all of the mainline Final Fantasy titles. Summon Shiva usually obtained early in the storyline and potentially becomes a powerful ally dealing ice damage signature attack called Diamond Dust. Shiva is depicted as a woman with blue skin, wearing clothing of the same color.

With summons controllable in Final Fantasy X, Shiva has the best incarnation in the game among the other titles. Shiva is fast and has attacks that delays enemy movements. She is also very helpful in the initial fight against Seymour.

4. Anima

Anima - Final Fantasy Series

Anima is an Aeon from Final Fantasy X with the signature attack called Oblivion. Being an Aeon, Anima is a dream of the faith, specifically the mother of Seymour in Final Fantasy X. She represents darkness and death, although dark is not an element in Final Fantasy X. In the animation, Anima is dragged from the underworld to deal immense pain to the enemies.

Although Anima also presents in some spin-off titles, but her best incarnation is in Final Fantasy X. The efforts needed to obtain the summon makes it hard to forget. We need to find all of the hidden treasures in the Cloisters of Trials in orfer to get her as a summon.

5. Bahamut

Bahamut - Final Fantasy Series

Bahamut, or also known as the Dragon King, is one of the most prominent summons in Final Fantasy series. It often becomes the most powerful summon obtained during the main storyline with its signature attack: Megaflare; a great breath of energy concentrated into a beam and fired to the enemies and deals non-elemental magic damage that ignores defense and evasion.

Bahamut is typically considered the strongest among the storyline summons. In Final Fantasy VII, Bahamut has different forms such as Neo Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO (Megaflare has variations corresponding to different appearance of Bahamut, including Teraflare, Gigaflare, and Exaflare). It makes Final Fantasy VII becomes the best incarnation of Bahamut in the whole series.

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Summons became an important part of the Final Fantasy series since the franchise often included a summoner as one of the important characters. Even without a summoner job, we can still implement summons through another method. If I have to choose, my favorite goes to Alexander. During my playthrough of Final Fantasy IX, it successfully amazed me with its moving castle-like appearance.

Which one do you think is the strongest or most memorable summon in Final Fantasy series? Or maybe you have another suggestion? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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