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5 Recommended Smartphone MMORPG to Play in 2020

Dragon Nest M Characters

Smartphone can be considered as one of the official game console by now. The Android and iOS system are able to host spectacular RPG worth to play. Some of them are MMORPG that were success on PC platform and come once again to satisfy its long-awaiting fans who want to play those popular MMORPG on smartphone. So, here are the 5 recommended smartphone MMORPG you can play in 2020.

1. Black Desert Mobile (Android, iOS)

Black Desert Wallpaper

Black Desert is a MMORPG developed by a Korean company, Pearl Abyss which was released in January, 2018 for Southeast Asia region (PC). Being unable to be played worldwide, the developer decided to bring the mobile version globally in 2019. Not only graphical beauty, Black Desert Mobile offers you a realistic gameplay mechanic along with dozen of classes that you can try.

2. Dragon Raja (Android, iOS)

Dragon Raja Wallpaper

Dragon Raja is a mobile MMORPG published by Archosaur Games that successfully recreates famous scenery around the world. With the realistic texture and weather system, players will have the experience of playing and surviving in the real world. Using Unreal Engine 4, this game promises a stunning graphics in an open world gameplay just like when you are playing MMORPG on PC.

3. Perfect World Mobile (Android, iOS)

Perfect World Mobile Wallpaper

Perfect World Mobile is a MMORPG published by Perfect World Entertainment for mobile devices in 2019. Perfect World Mobile is an authentic experience bringing new life to the denizens and vast area of the familiar Perfect Continent. Known for its stunning environments, unique flight system, and rich character customization, the creator tries to bring back the glory of the Perfect World (PC) into mobile devices.

4. World of Dragon Nest (Android, iOS)

World of Dragon Nest Wallpaper

World of Dragon Nest is a MMORPG which is an adaptation by the original development team behind the Gemscool’s Dragon Nest on PC. The game was published by Nexon Thailand and promises the same gaming experience with the PC version. Players can choose classes such as Warrior, Mage, Archer, and Priest while doing quests and explore the areas in a new open world gameplay.

5. Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus (Android, iOS)

Light of Thel Wallpaper

Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus is an action adventure MMORPG for mobile devices published by YOUZU(SINGAPORE)PTE.LTD. The game is set in an open, expansive world and features gorgeous cartoon style animation, slick visuals, and a cute and colorful cast of characters. Not only that, this game comes with a rich variety of game modes to satisfy all of your fantasy cravings.

This game offers you 5 classes to choose between Omni Warrior, Rune Mage, Elf Archer, Holy Priest, and Assassin in a chibi form. You can customize your character from each of those classes and venture the world in a smooth graphics and colorful world that will pamper your eyes. For open world game or chibi lover, this game was made for you with its own unique characteristics and elements.

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Smartphone isn’t a only a communication tool we know before. It has become a game platform capable of delivering an exciting gaming experience. And as an action RPG lover I will choose World of Dragon Nest and Light of Thel for sure. Both games have the same action adventure element and as a Dragon Nest (PC) lover, I think those two are worthy to be placed and played on my smartphone.

Which one is your favorite smartphone MMORPG from the list? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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