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5 Recommended Indonesian Visual Novel Games

INheritage Boundary of Existence Wallpaper

Visual novel are a genre that consist mostly of text and still pictures. And with the influence of anime and manga from Japan, most of the artwork adapted the Japanese-style anime. With that major influence around the globe, there are a lot of developers from all over the world trying to make visual novel games as good as the Japanese. So here are 5 recommended Indonesian visual novel games for you.

1. In Reality (Android)

In Reality Wallpaper

In Reality is an Indonesian-made visual novel developed by VNProject, released in 2016 for Android and still developing up until now. The story follows a boy who meets a mysterious girl and from that moment his life begins to change in an interesting way. This visual novel is categorized as a romantic slice-of-life game. For you who love playing games with romance theme, this one will suits you best.

2. Love Story: High School Romance (Android)

Love Story High School Romance

Love Story: High School Romance is another Indonesian visual novel published by Falcon Games Studio in 2015. The story is about a transfer student who just moved from Kalimantan to Jakarta, with a dream to become a machinery technician. Aside from just studying, romance grows within the process. And for players, it is your part to raise the affection level from each girl to achieve the best ending.

3. Just Deserts (PC)

Just Deserts Wallpaper

Just Deserts is a visual novel developed by Vifth Floor and published by Sekai Project in 2017, having a graphic quality as good as the Japanese anime/manga. Basically, we are in the midst of war against the aliens. Aside from battling the aliens, we can develop a relationship with the female soldiers. We can arrange our schedule to date one of the female characters that suited to our taste.

4. Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones (PC)

Nusantara Legend of the Winged Ones

Nusantara: Legend of the Winged Ones is a visual novel game developed and published by indie developer SweetChiel. In this game, the player will be introduced to Indonesian culture that was known to be rich of value and belief. Upon playing, we will be spoiled with wonderful local tales from Java, Nusa Tenggara, Bali, and other places. Basically we can learn about Indonesian cultures that were packaged in one game.

5. INheritage: Boundary of Existence (Android, iOS)

INheritage Boundary of Existence Logo

INheritage: Boundary of Existence is a unique game with visual novel elements published by Tinker Games in 2015. Optimized for smartphone, this game is a mixture of 2D side-scrolling shooting and visual novel elements. The story took place in Bandung and the main character is a girl who was given a second chance to live along with suprnatural power. She must protect her home from the attack of mythical creatures.

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So it seems that the influence of Japanese anime and manga has reached everywhere around the globe. Now many indie developers are already able to produce decent visual novel games, almost at the same level as the original Japanese games. And for me, Just Deserts is much recommended with its graphical beauty that I think is almost as good as the Japanese-made visual novel games.

So which one is your favorite Indonesian visual novel? Do you have another title to be added? Please leave your comment below.

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