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5 Recommended Indie RPG for You to Try!

Fallen Legion

The development of gaming industry has increasing rapidly. From simple, classic games, now there are more decent games with way better quality. In RPG genre specifically, there are more indie developers that are trying their best to compete in the gaming world by making RPG. Without you noticing, there is a lot of decent RPG out there that has beautiful graphics as well as modern gameplay.

So without further ado, as a fellow RPG lover I recommend you these wonderful indie RPG. Although all of it was indie product, personally I suggest you to give them a try since they have more qualities than just an indie label. Check out the list!

1. Nusakana (PC)

Nusakana Wallpaper

Nusakana is an Indonesian indie RPG which was developed by Studio Namaapa for PC. This game has an open world gameplay, along with a unique, plot twist with a lot of riddles to be solved. For open world game lovers, this one is for you because it gives you a freedom to explore the area finding clues and information. Atelier series, Rune Factory, and Harvest Moon was said to be the inspiration of the creator.

In this game we will control the main protagonist, a fisherman who comes to a tropical island under the guidance of a mysterious note he found. You can either follow the trail of the mysteries by searching from clue to clue, or just having fun with no specific objective. There are 40 endings available waiting for you in this JRPG-styled open world game, making any choices we made will matter a lot.

2. Celestian Tales: Old North (PC)

Celestian Tales Old North Wallpaper

Celestian Tales: Old North is another JRPG-styled game developed by Ekuator Games. This game might not very popular in some areas as an indie game, but actually Celestian Tales: Old North is more well-known worldwide. What is good about this game is that Celestian Tales: Old North adapt the JRPG gameplay along with a well-made and well-thinked plot, making it feels so concepted.

This game tells about the main protagonist who departed from his hometown on the mission to save the world; classic plot, but well concepted on the story. Along the way, he will meet with a lot of people teaching him things about everything he needs to become a hero. And of course, there will be dependable companions that will help us a lot in fighting enemies during the adventure.

3. Fallen Legion+ (PC)

Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion Release Date

Fallen Legion+ is an indie RPG developed by YummyYummyTummy and Mintsphere. This game was released in 2015 for PC, and gained popularity among the indie game players. Basically, this game tells the story about a princess who is soon to be crowned a queen due to her father’s death. Having a goal to restore the glory of the kingdom, she set out on an adventure, being accompined by a talking book.

4. 7 Paladins (Android)

7 Paladins Wallpaper

7 Paladins is an RPG mixed with MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) elements. This game was published by PT Mainspring Technology to fulfill the needs of Android users of a decent RPG on their smartphone. 7 Paladins is a fantasy-themed RPG added with the beauty of 3D graphics. You can find a lot of unique characters along the game, as well as challenging missions waiting to be accomplished.

5. Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds (Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC)

Legrand Legacy - Artwork

Legrand Legacy: Tales of the Fatebounds is a well-made indie RPG developed by Semisoft and published by Another Indie. The developer itself describes the game as a “nostalgic love letter to classic JRPGs”. From that statement you will think that this game was made to fulfill the needs of a high quality JRPG that is rarely to be found. Initially released for PC, this game later ported to PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

The story revolves around the main protagonist named Finn, who leads his companions while having amnesia and a strange power that he doesn’t know at all. At the beginning Finn introduced as a slave who must fight in a coliseum. He was punished when he accidentally killed his opponent. As the story progress, Finn set out on a journey and regains her memories along with all the skills he has learned before.

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Knowing those games above, maybe you will change your mind about indie RPG, like I did. In the present day we can expect more on indie RPG since they are nearly as good as popular RPG that we already know. I recommend that you try Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds no matter what (beside the other four), and probably you will get astonished as much as I am.

Which one is your favorite indie RPG? Have you tried completing one of those games? Please leave your comment below.

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