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5 Recommended Anime-Styled Hack and Slash Mobile RPG

Are you an anime lover? Or maybe you are an action RPG fan? Action RPG implements hack and slash combat in its gameplay. Combined with anime-styled character design and visuals, a RPG with hack and slash element makes a perfect combination for both anime and RPG lover. So, without wating any more times, here are the 5 recommended anime-styled hack and slash mobile RPG for you.

1. Ragnania (Android, iOS)

Ragnania Wallpaper

Ragnania is a mobile action RPG developed by Smile Tech Inc., a Chinese game developer company. This game will reminds you of Honkai Impact 3rd with a similar gameplay mechanism combining action and RPG at the same time. Players will role-play as a candidate with his own servant, and they will command their servant to battle with other online candidates in real-time battle for glory and fame.

2. Eternal City (Android, iOS)

Eternal City Wallpaper

Eternal City is an action RPG published by X.D. Global for mobile devices. This game successfully combines real-time battle and visual novel gameplay mechanism into one nice RPG. Eternal City offers you anime visuals with hack and slash battle along with high quality visual to pamper your eyes. This game also has multiple endings and exciting storyline suited for RPG lovers.

3. Twelve Weapons of God (Android, iOS)

Twelve Weapons of God Wallpaper

Twelve Weapons of God is an action anime-styled RPG developed by Slash-Team for mobile devices. Having similar graphics with Honkai Impact 3rd, this game offers you competitive gameplay and many modes of PvE. Players can sign contract with the characters in-game as well as fighting against various invaders. You can also fight with other players online in the PvP mode instead of fighting only CPU.

4. VGAME (Android, iOS)

VGAME Wallpaper

VGAME is one of the most anticipated mobile RPG with hack and slash element developed by VANEPLUS STUDIO and published by VRJoy SIstemas Interativos. The uniqueness of this game lies in the existence of two different worlds: real world and parallel world, allowing you to control a character with two different personas in a flashy combat involving dodging, blocking, and many other action elements.

5. Punishing: Gray Raven (Android, iOS)

Punishing Gray Raven Characters

Punishing: Gray Raven is an action RPG with stunning 3D graphics made by Chinese game developer. As a game with high quality graphics, the developer itself suggests you to at least play it in Snapdragon 660 or Helio X30 in minimum graphic setting. Punishing: Gray Raven promises a lot of things for you such as character customization and specific weapons and skills for every available character.

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Action RPG is already nice with its hack and slash combat, and now we have those games in anime-styled visuals, making a perfect combination for mobile RPG. And since those RPG looks so promising, its quite hard to choose, but probably I will put my attention more to Punishing: Gray Raven as this game promises a stunning 3D graphics far above the other similar mobile hack and slash RPG.

Which one is your favorite hack and slash mobile RPG from the list? Do you like this genre also? Please leave your comment below.

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