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5 Reasons Why You Should Play Mobile RPG Now

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Everyone knows that RPG is one of the most popular game genres out there with a lot of fanatic lovers. The prove is that the games released under the label of RPG keep coming and never ceased up until today. In RPG, we will play and take a role of a person or a group as the main protagonist and will stick to them until the end. That is why this genre is called role-playing game.

Since the game revolves around the adventures of the protagonist, it takes a long time to finish the game. Back then, the device that can handle the long-duration gameplay with a decent performance is video game console. But as time goes by and technology improves, we can play RPG in a lot smaller device like smartphone. And here are 5 reasons why you should consider playing mobile RPG now.

1. Interesting Storyline

Final Fantasy IV Wallpaper

RPG’s main selling point lies in the storyline. A good plot will result in more excitement as the story goes, and that is the strength of RPG. The better the story, the higher the chance it is easily loved by players. Like I said in the prologue, that kind of quality can only be found in console games before. But now as time goes by, we can play popular games with great plot on mobile devices.

To play RPG on mobile devices such as smartphone is a huge leap already. But not only that, popular series which were known for its good story such as Final Fantasy series or Dragon Quest series are now available on our mobile devices. Not only those two, you can play a lot of great RPG similar to those series on your smartphone; this will be your first reason to play mobile RPG.

2. Limitless Adventure


RPG has a world bigger than the other and an adventure tougher in the vast world. We will find a lot of enemies along the way, as well as a lot of puzzles waiting to be solved. If we think we are in deadlock, some games offer us to change between stages so you can solve the mystery another day. This kind of gameplay is also implemented in mobile RPG, since it is created under the same label.

3. Character Development

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition - Level up

Since RPG allows us to take a role of a character or a group, their value is important. Sometimes, we have a weak main character with a formidable allies or a strong main character with a mediocre companions. However the condition, it is always nice to follow how the character and the group develop, from zero to hero; just like what you can find in most RPG, including in mobile RPG.

4. Lightweight with Decent Visual

Valkyrie Anatomia - NieR Automata - 2B

With the development in mobile gaming, now mobile games have almost the same quality as console games. If before we can only find a good game with nice graphics and quality in PC or console, now there are a lot of those kinds of games you can find in the arsenal of mobile RPG. Mobile RPG offers same battle animation but with lightweight performance even smartphone can handle.

5. Can be Played Anytime, Anywhere

Chaos Rings III Battle Screenshot

Since it is mobile device, we can use the device anywhere. Anytime you want to play, you only need to grab your smartphone and start playing the game. You can do that anywhere in any kind of places even in car or public transportation when you feel bored. You can even do that while lying down on your bed or couch to make yourself comfortable.

With the easiness of mobile gaming, the recent mobile RPG provides us with Auto Battle feature. The Auto Battle feature will help us to save time and energy instead of sliding and tapping all the time. Since pressing buttons on controller is kind of more comfy, the Auto Battle feature helps a lot. You can play with leisure anytime and anywhere without getting tired and bored from a lot of touching.

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RPG itself already has a lot of qualities and its fanatic lovers. And now the mobile gaming scene finally has come to the time where mobile RPG has the same quality as console games. What is the most important in mobile gaming is the the mobile function. We can play in any place without restrictions and still achieve the best gaming experience at almost the same level as in console games.

So, when will you start trying the mobile gaming experience yourself? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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