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5 Reasons Why People Can’t Move On from ‘90s Games

Mobius Final Fantasy - Cloud vs Sephiroth

People acts with reasons; as well as in playing video games, they will choose which one is best suited for them. As my favorite genre in video games, role-playing game or known as RPG has started more than a decade ago. While there are many classic consoles and its popular RPG, most people will easily remember popular franchises such as Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire as part of the best ‘90s RPG.

For some players like me, the ’90s games played a very important role in their gaming experience. Unfortunately, I can hardly find a kind of classic RPG that suited to my taste nowadays. Due to the change of interest and development in technology, they create new kinds of RPG. But only the games can’t make ‘90s RPG as memorable as it is now. So, here are 5 reasons why people can’t move on from ‘90s games.

1. Bug and glitch-free games

Final Fantasy XII - The Zodiac Age - Hunt Screenshot 6

As far as I can remember when I played console RPG back then, I rarely find bugs or glitches that are hampering the process upon playing a game. If there is, the bug or glitch is barely annoying; sometimes it can even give us some leisure in playing a game. For example, a bug or glitch that causes the character to become immune or invincible is often found in several games I know back then.

Compared to this time, developer created games and will give them updates periodically. That updates is not only to make the game more fun and merrier, but it is also to make the game runs smoothly after getting rid of the bugs and glitches. So I can say that nowadays, it is almost impossible to find games, especially online games which are bug-free don’t need an update to fix it.

2. More durable consoles

PlayStation 3

The charm of ‘90s games is also lies in its device. As long as I can remember when I played most of my favorite RPG titles in the past, I rarely found myself having troubles with the console itself. The function and the components aren’t as complex as what next-generation console is today. But because of that, the developer can make simpler components with a simpler troubleshooting of course.

The next-generation consoles we had today, is without a doubt stunning in many aspects. It can provide us with graphical beauty and great sounds which can spoil our eyes and ears while playing. But it also means that the next-generation consoles had much more complex components which are harder to find and probably way more expensive than the classic consoles’ components.

3. Consoles were used solely to play games

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue - PlayStation 4 Theme

The classic consoles can only function as a device that will let us play games in it. Other than that, we need extra devices to support the main function of the console. Compared with present time, consoles are made to do several functions other than just a game device. Watching movies, surfing the internet, now can be done with the next-generation consoles.

Because of those other functions, our devices aren’t solely for playing games anymore. It strayed away from its main path to provide us with video games and change its function as an entertainment device. While it is good in many aspects, the complexity of a gaming device can also give twice the burden that will result in decreasing the endurance of the device itself.

4. The lack of guide and walkthrough on the internet

01. Star Ocean 3 Battle

One thing I remember when I played RPG back then: looking for guide and walkthrough are way harder than today. If now gamer are easily able to find guides and walkthroughs almost everywhere on the internet, there are times when gamer needs much more effort to look for available guide and walkthrough, and sometimes they must keep playing the games without using any of it.

I feel it myself during my gaming experience, where walkthrough is something really precious, especially when you play RPG. When action games or adventure games depends mostly on our creativity and logic, in RPG there are a lot of factors to be considered, which can make your playthrough often stuck at some point and makes the existence of walkthrough feel so important.

This kind of experience is annoying at some points, but it also makes us become more attached to the game. The existence of walkthrough is a big help, but if we don’t have any choice but to proceed without it, the effort that we spent on looking for the right track is irreplaceable and makes the game even harder to forget. Finishing a game without a walktrough is normal back then, but rare nowadays.

5. Buying means all-you-can-get

Secret of Mana4

As long as I can remember, I find a lot of easiness upon plaing games back then in ‘90s. If you buy or own a game it is all-you-can-get, which means you will keep the original game along with its extras if there is any of it. But different with the present game, when you buy a game you will own only the original game; you will not getting any extra bonus unless you request it yourself.

Making request, also means that we need to have certain amount of cash and of course internet connection. Unlike before, now we can find a lot of games which sells the original games separately with the downloadable content or DLC. While you can have more stories and bonus after installing the DLC in the modern games, it is much easier back then when buying game needs less effort and cost.

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In my perspective as RPG lover, I found that classic, ‘90s role-playing games are timeless. I experienced that playing games is much easier and simpler before. I admit that the modern games are way better in many aspects, but that can’t stop me from idolizing the ‘90s games. That is why, I will not hesitate to play those great ‘90s games (of course, RPG) again one day.

What about you, do you like ‘90s games too? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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