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5 Most Tragic RPG Villain Characters Ever

Sephiroth at Nibelheim Incident

For a gamer, RPG genre is just like a story book, which provide the player with so much drama in a beautiful graphic about two sides defending their own point of view and lead into endless fight between the hero with bad-ass villain (although not all RPG genre have this cliche setting).

As a RPG lover, I believe that most of RPG games give a special touch to the plot itself so the player will craving to see how it will  end. For some RPG games, we may even see how ironic can it be for some the villain characters.


What is My List of Most Tragic RPG Villain Characters?

This is my list of 5 most tragic RPG villain characters. Will your favorite character be on the list?


1. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Sephiroth at Nibelheim

An Ex-SOLDIER strongest fighter. Sephiroth found out that he was the product of a Shinra experiment and they injected him with extra-terrestrial lifeform.

He then killed many of Shinra employees including the president and summoned a giant meteor to ravage the planet. So, he can merge with the Life Stream as it attempts to heal itself. However, our main protagonist, Cloud Strife, and his party manage to stop his evil deed and Sephiroth dissolved into Life Stream, releasing power to destroy the meteor.


2. Jowy Atreides (Suikoden II)

Jowy Atreides, also the childhood friend of Riou, the main protagonist

Jowy was originally one of the protagonist of Suikoden 2. Along with Riou the main protagonist and his sister Nanami, they fight Highland Army together.

At the Toto village, they meet Leknaat and she grant Jowy with Black Sword Rune while Riou get Bright Shield Rune. As destined by the opposing forces of the Rune of the Beginning, they confront against each other. Jowy is almost dying from overusing his Black Sword Rune and his fate will be decided by his last duel with Riou.



3. Jecht (Final Fantasy X)

Jecht from FFX is the father of Tidus, the main protagonist. He is one of the most tragic RPG Villain characters for me

Long time ago, Jecht was a blitzball top player in his hometown, but alcohol destroyed his blitzball career. Much later in Spira, he is appointed as the legendary guardian of Summoner Braska, Yuna’s father, along with Auron.

In the end of his pilgrimage, Jecht sacrificed himself as the final summon to kill Sin, but Yu Yevon spirit possessed Jecht and transform him into the new core of Sin. His soul was trapped for ten years before finally slain by Tidus and his companion without realizing that Sin core is his father at the beginning.

In my opinion, the final fight between Tidus and Jecht is one of the saddest battle in the Final Fantasy universe.


4. Fou-Lu (Breath of Fire IV)

Fou Lu is the other half of Ryu, the main protagonist

Fou-Lu is a character within Breath of Fire IV that improperly summoned to the world by the Fou Empire and is the other half of Ryu. They both share similar (although polar opposite) abilities and strengths.

Mami, who saved Fou Lu during his escape, was killed during the empire siege on Mami’s hometown. This grow his hatred in humanity.

When he cross his path with Ryu and the companions, he choose to fight them. In the good ending, after losing from Ryu, Fou-Lu finally regain his trust in humanity and then merged with Ryu, forming a dragon god leaving the planet in peace.


5. Adachi (Persona 4)

Tohru Adachi can summon a persona similar to the main character

Adachi’s existence is the villain is a major spoiler if you hasn’t play this game. You may want to skip reading this part if you has a plan to play this game later 🙂

Throughout the story, Adachi is portrayed as a textbook lousy detective. He was influenced and given a power by an evil entity called Ameno-sagiri. Adachi plans to fill the world with fog.

He can summon a Persona too, which has a similar form to the protagonist’s (Yu Narukami) initial Persona, Izanagi, but in the form of a bloodied, vein-covered and more malevolent. After his defeat, it’s revealed that he was not totally possessed by Ameno-sagiri.

He expressed that all his actions are partially his true desire as well.


Who is The Most Tragic RPG Villain Characters?

Now that is 5 most tragic RPG villain characters that appear on several games. Their presence will always be missed by all player due to the tragic plot that make  them the antagonist.

Sometimes they have a clear objective to pursue what they believe or in some case they just simply looking for the recognition and acceptance in their existence among the community.

This is the reason why bad-ass and tragic villain characters are badly needed in every RPG game so that make the player keep questioning and eager to complete the whole story.

So who do you think deserve for the most tragic RPG villain ever? Is it one from above? Or, do you have other character in mind? Please leave a comment below 🙂


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