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5 Most Recommended Romance Visual Novel

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There are two types of people in this world: those who have romance in their lives and lonely, sad, abandoned people like me (lol Just Kidding!). Leaving jokes aside, February is said to be the month of love! Even though Valentine’s Day has gone by, love is still in the air (probably…). In any case, for those who are already entangled in the wonders of visual novels, check out this list of romance visual novel that will spice up love even further!


5. Hoshizora no Memoria: Wish Upon A Shooting Star

Hoshizora no Memoria -Screenshot

If you are into romance visual novel, but haven’t played much of them, Hoshizora no Memoria might be a good choice for you. You will play as Kogasaka You, a boy who just moved back to his hometown due to the death of his mother. Upon arriving, he met with a strange girl who claims to be a shinigami. In school, things seem to progress normally as You ended up joining the astronomy club while at night he keeps visiting the so-called shinigami.

4. Kira☆Kira

Kira Kira - Screenshot

A story about youth, dreams and love! Kira☆Kira is a romance visual novel that tells the story of Shikanosuke Maejima, a typical high school student who is wasting away his youth. He never bothers to do anything seriously, neither in his study nor in his club. That is, until a fateful encounter with a strange girl called Kirari Shiino sets his life on a very different track. Before he realizes it, he is in an all-girls punk band together with his fellow club members. And thus, youth begins…

Writer’s note: If you’ve played and liked Kira☆Kira, give Deardrops a shot! It is made by the same developer and has a really similar storyline (also, several characters from Kira☆Kira makes an appearance).

3. Princess Evangile

Princess Evangile - Screenshot

Princess Evangile is a romance visual novel by Moonstone first released in 2011. It tells the story of Okonogi Masaya, an unlucky guy who is forced to burden his father’s incredible debt (50 million yen or something). Doing all he can to get by, an even more odd condition occurs. After going through several strange events, he is to be enrolled as the single male “sample” in an all-girls school. How is Masaya’s life at an all-girls school going to be? Will it turn out to be a fortunate thing for him? Or….

2. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate - Screenshot

Not all youth stories are about doing your best in your high school club. Some just want to enjoy their time doing nothing while eating sweets. Such is the life of Yuki Ojima, a member of the Food Research Club, a club where the members slack off and enjoy sweets together. However, the club members’ undisturbed, peaceful days are about to be over when one student council president candidate vows to close all clubs that don’t do anything. Persuaded by his fellow members, Yuki decides to participates in the election to save his club.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate literally translates to Love and Election and Chocolate. Even the title gives off a very Valentine vibe to it, right?

1. Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai

Majikoi - Screenshot

Widely known as Majikoi! It is a romance visual novel that takes place in Kawakami City, a city known for its samurai citizens. The protagonist is called Naoe Yamato, an intelligent high school student who acts as the brain of his group (consisting of his close friends). Having done many things together, the group members are inseparable and really close to one another. However, things began to get really complicated when two new girls joined in the group.

Majikoi! is basically a romance visual novel with the addition of action scenes. The game itself has more than seven endings. So if you are into long visual novel, this could be the one for you.

Special Entries

Upon realization that my list is extremely biased (do forgive me….), here are some romance visual novel for those who like hot, handsome, dreamy guys as their partners. Please note that I’m not really into playing otome games, so I picked ones popular enough to be heard by someone like me. I hope you’ll still be able to enjoy it!

Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger - Screenshot

If you like otome games, I am pretty sure you have at least tried this one. You(the heroine) were pretty bored when you stumbled upon a really strange app. Fiddling with the app leads you to experience one strange thing after another. Until finally, you end up in an apartment with 5 hot, dazzling guys and a woman (yep, this definitely sounds wrong xD). As you’ve probably already guessed, one of these guys will become your love interest as you’ve progressed deeper into the story.

In my personal opinion though, the gameplay looks pretty interesting and it’s definitely a new concept. The interface itself maximizes the uses of a smartphone and makes it look like we’re actually chatting with the characters. So, if you never give it this game a try, you probably should!


Hakuoki - Screenshot

I actually knew this one from the anime adaptation. This time you will be brought back to the Bakumatsu Era as Chizuru Yukimura. With the hope of finding her missing father, Chizuru sets off to Kyoto, only to find herself involved with the Shinshengumi. Shinshengumi itself is a real organization in Japan history (check it out here). Though somewhat predictable in otome games, the members of Shinsengumi in this game are all unreasonably hot. If you like samurai and Japan’s history, Hakuoki is definitely for you to play.

Hakuoki was first released in 2008, but a new remastered version with new episodes titled Hakuoki: Shinkai Kaze is going to be released in North America and Europe in Spring 2017 (check out the details here).


Amnesia - Screenshot

From what I’ve gathered, this romance visual novel has a slight mysterious feeling to it. The game starts when the heroine wakes up without any memories of herself except her name (which we can decide). Appearing before her was a self-proclaimed spirit called Orion. Throughout the journey, Orion will help her in the quest of regaining her memories. Will this fate altering journey result in her gaining her previous live back, or will this lead to a completely new live she never expected? Find out in the game!

In Amnesia, there are five different routes (which means five different hot guys) that we can take. Interestingly, each route is based on card symbols we all know: Spade, Heart, DiamondClub and Joker. Another intriguing thing about this game is that each route happened in a different parallel world. Therefore, all the facts in one route are not necessary true in another route. Well, I suppose you can find it out if you play the game.

What is life without love? In this joyous month where many people celebrate love and romance, let’s participate in giving love more appreciation in our own ways. If you are at a loss on how to do this, why don’t you start by checking out all the romance visual novel I recommended above ? Keep in mind that this list comes from my personal preferences and internet researches. Needless to say, there are many other romance visual novel that are worth mentioning (anything by Key is usually good).

So, do you have any other visual novel that you think should be included? Do let me know in the comments below, and I’ll check it out! Meanwhile, feel free to check other posts about visual novel here!


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