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5 Crossover RPG Games You Should Consider Buying

Crossover RPG games, who never heard that before? A beautiful mash-up between all the games you love, all jumbled up in one massive game that may or may not satisfy your gaming needs.  These five games may already have a place on your game collection rack or just waiting in line just to be on it. Without further ado, here’s five Crossover RPGs





Who doesn’t love the adventures of Sora, Donald and Goofy travelling the worlds of Disney, helping a few Disney and Final Fantasy characters along the way? Kingdom Hearts starts out simple, Sora was looking for his missing friend, and then after a few intricately plot twists, became a Keyblade user with the burden to save all the worlds.

Plot wise, if you just play the game for fun, it will be a blast, all characters stay true to their nature, Leon (Squall) is the cool, calm and collected kinda man, Donald is short tempered, and Goofy is… well… goofy. But if you are the kind of “I play for the plot!” well, prepare your mind to be mind blown with Square Enix’s script team. Yes, there will be a few (probably more than a few) mind boggling storylines on each series that will be answered on the next series but will make more questions along the way. Not to mention the secret endings- whoops, did I just say that out loud?

In the game you will travel the worlds recreated from Disney movies such as Agrabah from Alladin, Olympus Colloseum from Hercules, Atlantis from The Little Mermaid and many more. These worlds were beautifully crafted to contain the essence of the Disney franchises. The most bizarre thing is, all those Final Fantasy characters were not even out of place in these worlds. Like Cid arguing with Merlin about magic and machines in Hollow Bastion, Cloud striking a deal with Hades at the Underworld, and so forth.


super-robot-wars2132123 (1)

The most epic cross over by my standard, combining almost every mecha animes ever created into one game of epic proportions.

The main feature of Super Robot Wars is a tactical role-playing games that crosses over several mecha themed comics, games and animations. Player controls an army of super robots and real robots in a grid map to fight enemies, like in a standard grid-strategic game.  Due to the game franchise licensing, which is a whole lotta franchises, the only game released outside Japan with original mechs and characters, dubbed as OG (Original Generation).

The game theme revolves around an imminent alien threat that are going to invade Earth. It is up to the army of mechs we command to stop them.



Project X Zone (1) (1) (1) (1)

Another tactical Role-Playing game from Banpresto, with collaboration from CAPCOM. This game is a follow up to another cross-over game, NAMCO x CAPCOM, featuring characters from both companies’ franchises.

As most tactical RPGs, Project X Zone (read as Project Cross Zone) revolves with grid based maps where you can control your team. Each unit you control consists of a pair of character from the same series, and can be added a third solo character as a support unit. There are around 90 characters in total from a variety of franchises included in the game.

The second instalment of the game, named Project X Zone 2 are already released last February on the Handheld Nintendo 3DS.




Super Smash Bros. was also known as Great Melee Smash Brothers (Dairanto Smash Brothers) in Japan, is a game that mashes up many if not all game characters that are released at Nintendo systems in one great brawl for supremacy.

Unlike traditional fighting games, where you deplete life bars to win, the goal in Super Smash Brothers is to knock your opponent off the stage. The roster itself were mostly famous characters from the Nintendo systems, such as Mario (obviously), Link, Samus Aran, Fox McCloud (Do the barrel roll!!) and Kirby. Additional third party characters usually come separately as a DLC or specially made for the version they are in.




In Warriors Orochi, the Serpent King Orochi had created a rift in time where he brings down great warriors from the Three Kingdoms and Japan Warring States era to test his might. With a total of 79 characters including Orochi himself, the game uses a three-man party system where you can change to any of the three characters in the middle of the game,

Chaos as the highest difficulty level in both series, are available from the start of the game for those who like to challenge themselves.


And that’s my take on the best Crossover games. Some of this might be a little bit subjective… okay maybe more than just a little… All of these games are already released on their respective consoles and handhelds, you should try them. And please do leave a comment below.

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  1. Lol Kingdom Hearts is my favorite one here. I would like to try Project X Zone too. It seems interesting 🙂

    • You really should! Combining grid based Strategy RPGs and Action Games as a battle system are one of the many virtues of the game. 😀


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