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#ThrowbackRPG – 5 Chrono Cross Characters with Tragic Fate and Background

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A good game will always have the characters differ both in personality and background. The better the game, the deeper each character’s background and story. I guess not only me, but every gamer will surely value more a game of that kind. As one of the popular classic console RPG, Chrono Cross has that many characters with complex backgrounds. Here are 5 Chrono Cross characters with tragic fate and background that you should pay attention to.

5. Orlha

Orlha - Chrono Cross

Orlha is a barkeeper in Guldove who is able to fight. She used to live with her family in El Nido, until a certain tragedy occurred and separate the group, leaving her with her father. She trained herself and proved to be a good fighter. She thinks that her sister is still alive, even though in another world. To remind her of the tragedy, she kept half of a Sapphire Brooch, while her sister Tia kept the other half.

In the end, she is able to meet Tia after accompanying Serge to Home World, witnessing as Tia faded from life. Before passed on, Tia gave her the other half of the brooch that result in Orlha learned her final technique: SisterHoods.

4. Marcy

Marcy - Chrono Cross

This little girl is known as the Diva of the 4 Devas, with the innocent look and armored body. Having an appearance as a little human girl, she is actually a Demi-human. Her mother, Zellbess is a mermaid who married her father, Fargo. After some incident with Viper, Fargo’s family was forced to flee for their life, including Marcy.

Later after the incident, Marcy was saved and raised by Luccia because her mother, Zelbess didn’t make it. As she grew up, Marcy began to work on her fighting skills. Then she became reputable for her fighting skills and soon promoted to the position of Deva. She met Serge in the library of Viper’s Manor and fought him several times, before finally joins.

3. Radius

Radius - Chrono Cross

This old-wise looking man is a former Acacia Dragoon who is also Deva. Along with Viper, Zappa, and Garai, the four of them tore up the battlefield and established a reputation of ferocity. Unfortunately, a tragedy occurred in Divine Dragon Falls where the cursed Masamune resides. Radius came in contact with the sword and began to slaughter Garai in madness.

After the incident, Radius began to lead a more spiritual life. He became the chief of Arni Village. Radius finally met with Serge and remained with him for the rest of his travels, helping Serge for his quests.

2. Karsh

Karsh - Chrono Cross

Karsh is the son of Zappa (a former Dragoon who became a blacksmith in Termina). He developed a friendly competition with Dario and Glenn, as the three of them were a regular in Viper Tournament of Swords. He also admired Riddel, who is Dario’s girl. Karsh and Dario soon become a full-fledged Devas and together they tore up the battlefield.

One day, the two of them received the assignment to battle monsters in Isle of the Damned. There, they witnessed the demonic Masamune and Dario consumed by it as soon as he came in contact with it. Dario was able to hold back long enough to give time for Karsh to kill him. He was accused for murdering Dario, and he faced a situation where he needs to defeat his subordinates Solt and Peppor just to convince them that he is not the murderer.

1. Lynx

Lynx - Chrono Cross

Lynx is the main antagonist of Chrono Cross and also Serge’s father, Wazuki. Wazuki is Serge’s biological father until FATE supercomputer corrupted him and he became Lynx, having an appearance of a feline. It happened when he took Serge to be healed by the Frozen Flame is Chronopolis. FATE then shaped Lynx with the objective of killing Serge.

Lynx had a sentience and personality out of his own apart from FATE; he became sadistic and manipulative, motivated to achieve his goal with sick desires. He waited Serge in Chronopolis for their final showdown. There, he was vanquished by his own son. His last words mentioned that he was not supposed to die, that he was not privy to the full scope of Project Kid initiated by Belthasar.

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I put Lynx first on the list because he was also my favorite. His background as victim to a supercomputer and his fate to die in his own son’s hand is tragic enough for me and other RPG fans for sure. The complex plot of Chrono Cross is able to affect player’s emotion by switching between Lynx and Serge. What’s worse than battling your own father and needs to kill him? I guess that is why Lynx deserved the first place. Which one is your favorite?

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