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5 Best Buddies in RPG

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Human is a social being that is why we cannot live alone. To be able to live a normal life, human needs to socialize and live alongside other human. And among the other human who lives alongside us, there are friends, who has a higher value compared to the other people in the society. Since friend has more value than the other, we will spend most of our times with them aside from family.

Just like in the real world, there is also a kind of bond made between the main protagonists in RPG with someone closest to them. And from their bond in the game, we can learn many values such as friendship and sacrifice between friends. And just by seeing their scenes, we can feel a beautiful form of friendship between them. So without further ado, here are 5 best buddies in RPG you should remember.

1. Mario and Luigi (Super Mario Bros. Series)

Mario & Luigi The Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions MainPicc

The first best buddy is Mario and Luigi. As we all know, these two look-alike persons is actually siblings. Luigi serves as Mario’s twin and also his best buddy. With the similar outfit and different height, Luigi is the best thing that Mario needs all the time. Although Mario is bolder than Luigi, but the two of them are inseparable when they try to save Princess Toadstool.

With Mario as the main protagonist on most of the series, we can also play as Luigi as the secondary character in the Mario Bros. series that was firstly released in 1983. And honestly, when the first time I tried Mario Bros. game, I am more excited to play as Luigi rather than playing as Mario. Is it because Luigi has a nicer outfit or is it because of he has the hero material? I guess both.

2. Donald and Goofy (Kingdom Hearts Series)

kingdom hearts iii

Maybe a lot of you have already seen Donald and Goofy in the same scenes or stories in Disney universe. Donald and Goofy is actually a close friend to each other, as well as with Mickey. But the trio unfortunately doesn’t have the chance to be together in Kingdom Hearts series, leaving Donald and Goofy having more time together as a duo (although they will be unified eventually near the end of the story).

As far as I can remember, Donald and Goofy is always together even at the beginning of the frist Kingdom Hearts. As soon as Sora arrived in Traverse Town, they are the duo that helps him a lot until the end. And just by looking at their friendship, I can feel that Donald and Goofy is inseparable. Imagine, Sora fighting with only a fighter without a healer, or a healer without a fighter, it will be pretty isn’t it?

3. Sora and Riku (Kingdom Hearts Series)

Kairi, Sora and Riku in Destiny Island

Still in the Kingdom Hearts series, this series also has another best buddy other than Donald and Goofy. We have Sora and Riku, with Sora as the main protagonist in most of Kingdom Hearts series and Riku serves as his best buddy and the closest person in Sora’s heart aside from Kairi. These two develop a strange relationship between each other as buddies as well as rivals at the first Kingdom Hearts.

For some people, they might not realize it in the beginning of the story, but as the story goes we will learn that Riku is the most important person for Sora that is worth fighting for. Although Riku has plunged into darkness before because of Maleficent’s act, Sora still believe in him and even going as far as going everywhere around the world with his companion just to bring back Riku to be with him again.

4. Zack Fair and Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

Maybe Zack Fair is not the main attention in the Final Fantasy VII, but if you have played the game before maybe you have sensed the strong connection between Zack and Cloud. Having the same occupation as a SOLDIER working for Shinra, Zack has always been a teacher and a best friend to Cloud, even though Zack is on a way different level than Cloud who is only a low-class SOLDIER.

We can learn deeper about Zack and Cloud’s bond of friendship if we play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. In the game, we will play as Zack who is also Cloud’s senior in SOLDIER. In every condition, Zack is always being a shield for Cloud, protecting him even as far as having their personality mixed because of Hojo’s experiment. And on top of that, Zack entrusted Cloud to take care of his beloved Buster Sword.

5. Noctis and Prompto (Final Fantasy XV)

The last buddies on the list come from the latest game of the Final Fantasy series: Final Fantasy XV. Centered on Noctis as the rightful heir of the Insomnia throne, Noctis is accompanied by three of his loyal retainers who are also his best friends. And among them is a handsome, blond-haired guy named Prompto Argentum who utilizes firearms as his weapon.

If you watch Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV (an OVA consists of 5 chapters that were never told in the game), you can see another side of Noctis’ journey. The OVA tells us about the beginning of the friendships, including Prompto’s chapter where he was touched by Noctis’ attention towards him. Ever since then, he starts to prove his loyalty by getting rid of his obesity and become Noctis’ closest friend and bodyguard.

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Friendship is a thing created by human who lives alongside other human, and creates a strong bond between them. Since it is that wonderful, people even said that friendship is more eternal than a couple’s love. And since I knew how thoughtful Sora towards Riku, I’ll choose them as my favorite. Starting as a rival in the beginning of the story, Riku proves that he is the person that Sora needs most aside from Kairi.

Which best buddies in RPG is your favorite from the list above? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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