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5 Best Android Action RPG with Hack and Slash Combat

AxE Alliance vs Empire Wallpaper

Hack and slash (hack-and-slash) or also known as hack and slay refers to a type of gameplay that emphasizes combat. Being used a lot in adventure games, in these past few years RPG genre also uses the same formula to attract player. The mixture of both is what we know as action RPG today. So if you are into hack and slash combat, then these 5 best Android action RPG games are for you to play.

1. AxE: Alliance vs Empire

AxE Alliance vs Empire Classes

AxE: Alliance vs Empire is an Android game published by Nexon and being the first on the list. This game has hack-and-slash gameplay, suitable for you who love to unleash a neverending combo to your enemies in front of you. And to support that excitement, this game will offer you an open world gameplay along with the ability to choose between the two warring fractions, the alliance and the Empire.

2. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed Wallpaper

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is a collaboration of game developers Koei Tecmo and publisher Nexon in 2017. This game is trying to bring back the glory of the series with the same name in PlayStation 2 era. Still with its trademark hack-and-slash gameplay, players can choose from 80 characters to be played on our quests while focusing on building our strongest squad and make things easier on the field.

3. Dungeon Hunter V

Dungeon Hunter V Wallpaper

Dungeon Hunter V is a hack-and-slash RPG created by Gameloft in 2015. What is interesting about this game is, not only this game adapted the action-RPG gameplay, but it can also be played multiplayer. Dungeon Hunter V will challenge players to choose between four characters for every battle. Since every character has specific abilities, players have to choose wisely before going into battles.

4. Bladebound

Bladebound Wallpaper

Bladebound is an action RPG published by Artifex Mundi for Android and iOS. The story is about a kingdom that has been overrun by darkness caused by an evil regime. As the main character it is our duty save the kingdom, with us also being the last capable one from Bladebound. We can unleash combos infused with 6 elements as well as using 150 selections of swords and armors that we can choose.

5. Iron Blade

Iron Blade Wallpaper

Iron Blade is an action RPG with hack-and-slash element developed and published by Gameloft for Android, iOS, and PC. The game has a medieval theme, involving magic and war between kingdoms. We only need to hack and slash our way through a world full of darkness, demons, and monsters. Along the way, we can collect valuable items and explore the world constructed with high quality graphics.

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With the popularity of hack and slash combat system, a lot of games now are trying to implement it in their game. Even the franchise such as Final Fantasy is starting to use it recently instead of the classic turn-based battles. Personally I am interested with the last three, with Dungeon Hunter V caught my attention the most. The system of using four character taking turns in each battle is unique for me.

Which Android action RPG from the list is your favorite? Do you like this RPG subgenre also? Please share your thoughts in the comment below.

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