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10 Years Development History of What Will Be Known As Final Fantasy XV


Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy XIII was first announced with an E3 2006 trailer. It was an incredible grand scale project that spans over three games: Final Fantasy XIII (led by Yoshinori Kitase and Motoru Toriyama), Final Fantasy Agito XIII (later becomes Final Fantasy: Type-0, led by Hajime Tabata) and Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Tetsuya Nomura was entrusted with this title). All three games were supposed to be created from a common mythos surrounding the lore of the new tale of the crystal.


Fabula Nova Crystalis


All three directors were given a freedom of interpretation of the mythos. Tetsuya Nomura who was given the task of creating Final Fantasy Versus XIII took the liberty of using the Crystal Tools engine developed for the PlayStation 3. But a few years later, in 2011, it was moved to a more sophisticated engine so they could focus on the gameplay itself. While the Luminous Engine was used for the lighting, the Crystal Tools was still used for real-time graphics.

The word Versus at the time was used as a mark of its difference from Final Fantasy XIII. Square wanted the world in Versus to be a whole, connecting world, the direct opposite from Final Fantasy XIII, hence the name Versus.


Versus XIII


Versus XIII was in three years of development after it’s very first announcement as “Not a sequel, but an independent story with its own characters” in 2006. Yet other than the first conversation trailer of Noctis and Stella (both were the main protagonists) in 2008, no other progress had taken any shape. It was a total radio silence from Versus XIII division.

And the surprisingly in 2009, Tetsuya Nomura shocked the audience of Tokyo Game Show 2009, revealing a series of pictures taken from the first gameplay footage of Versus XIII. This was done by Nomura to prove that Versus XIII was indeed, still in development.
The development team hit a roadblock in 2010 as the resources from Final Fantasy XIII were sent to them. The Universal Engine developed by Motoru Toriyama development team couldn’t be used for Versus’ open-world theme. Hence in these desperate times, Square Enix decided to gave birth to the Luminous Studio, Square’s engine for the eighth gen. hardwares. Versus XIII itself, because of the hard blow at the developer’s table, was absent from E3 2010.
But a few months later, news drifted that the voice casting for both Versus and Type-0 had already begun and Yoshinari Kitase said in an interview that Versus wouldn’t be released until 2011.
sad noctis  Even Noctis was not so happy about the delay.
In early January 2011, Square Enix held the 1st Production Department Premier, showcasing an array of games including Versus XIII, Type-0, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, and some other titles.
And then, the news of the next gen consoles arrived, immediately casting worry to the development team of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, since it was a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Later that year, Square Enix filed an extension of trademark for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.
kid noctis
On Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine, Tetsuya Nomura expressed that Versus development took priority above all else in response to a Final Fantasy VII remake. Then in the middle of 2012, Yoichi Wada tweeted against the rumors that Versus is cancelled.
It was also in this year the project got shifted to PlayStation 4 and XboxOne, thus deciding that it would be re-branded from Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV.

Then on December 2012, Hajime Tabata became the co-director helping Nomura to finish what he had started. Tabata said that when the transition began, Versus XIII was already 25% done. Tabata then led a huge restructuring on Versus XIII that there’s so many features were cut mercilessly. He even kicked Stella out of the window.


sad Stella


In E3 2013 Square announces a re-reveal of Versus XIII, now called as Final Fantasy XV to the general public. There was a point where Nomura thought of changing the game into a musical, but vetoed by the higher-ups of Square Enix.

At Tokyo Game Show 2014, Square then announced a demo Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, which later on March 2015 released as a Pre-Order bonus for buying Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. This year, Square Enix reallocate Tetsuya Nomura to other projects, pushing Tabata to the director’s seat.

And ultimately this year we will be receiving a great news from the event Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV at the end of this month. Please, be excited.


please be excited


It is also recently revealed to us that the game itself would have around 50+ hours of gameplay. For now, we shall patiently await for the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event.

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  1. Yeah, we will finally end this ‘eternal waiting’ in the upcoming Uncovered FF XIII Event. I hope they really give us the exact release date for this game 🙂


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