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10 Recommended New RPG IP You Should Know!

10 recommended new RPG IP you should know

A good distraction is always welcomed, especially when it comes to the gaming world. For the past few years we’ve already enjoyed some great game from the long standing franchise, such as Final Fantasy, Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, and so on. Perhaps now is a good time for us to try something (completely) new yet awesome RPG entries. Without further ado, here’s the 10 recommended new RPG IP you should know.

1. Nioh

Nioh Feature

Set in a fictionalized Sengoku era in Japan (with the addition of supernatural and dark fantasy element, of course), the story revolves around a real European samurai named William Adams. William arrives in Japan in pursuit of certain enemy (Edward Kelley).  While in Japan, William forming an alliance with historical figures such as Tokugawa Ieyasu and Hattori Masanori, teaming up to drive off Kelley and the demon infesting Japan.

Nioh was originally announced for PS3 back on 2004, but never released due to several development problems. Initially planned to be  a traditional JRPG, the joining of Team Ninja in 2010 evolved it into an ARPG. Fighting system based on hack-and-slash that resembles Dark Souls, in a world of Onimusha-esque. Nioh is already released earlier this February, and you can find more about it here.

2. Project Octopath Traveler

Project Octopath Traveler - Title

New platform, new series. The expectation is high when Square Enix announced Project Octopath Traveler for the newly Nintendo Switch. There’s still not much details about the project, other than it said to have vast world to explore and “beautiful combination of 2D sprites and 3D backgrounds”. Keep up to date about Project Octopath Traveler here.


3. Snack World

Snack World Short Film

Following the success of Yo-kai Watch as their major cross-media money spinner, the next big thing Level-5 prepared is Snack World. Set in a place within ‘hyper casual fantasy RPG’ world, there’ll be lots of stores and places for us to visit. For that reason, a small real world item called Jara holds an important role. It’s a keychain like item which has NFC chip embedded into it which allow us to scan it on our smartphones or (new model) of 3DS.

The Snack World will release in Japan in April 2017 for iOS and Android, and July 2017 for Nintendo 3DS.


4. Project Re Fantasy

Project Re FANTASY - Title

No announced platform, released date, or price. And yet I’m willing to bear the waiting for this Project Re Fantasy. A new internal studio at Atlus called Studio Zero is being launched by Persona 5 Director, Katsura Hashino. The number 0 (Zero) is the Fool arcana of tarot cards. As Margaret said in P4 said, it is “the void from which all other things begin”. That alone indicates Project Re Fantasy will be a complete and total departure from Atlus’ previous works such as Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. While SMT and Persona series took place on modern (sometimes post-apocalyptic world), Re Fantasy is set to take place in a whole different fantasy world.

More update about Project Re Fantasy will be updated here.


5. Caligula

caligula header

Another new IP entry from Atlus, Caligula resembles modern Persona games instead of being developed as something with a whole new concept. The setting take place in a VR Program called Mobius, created so people can running away from their real lives pain and live in a high school setting. The protagonist then formed the Going Home Club, in order to escape from Mobius’ trap and its overseer program called μ. Along the way they must also face the Ostinato Musicians group who sees them as traitors.

Caligula was released in Japan exclusively for PS Vita on June 2016, and worldwide release is set to be on Q1/Q2 of 2017.



Tyranny Feature

“Sometimes, evil wins.” That was the tagline of this…evil game. You take on the mantle of a Fatebinder, who sides with evil lord in a world where evil prevails. But then again, it is that kind of thing that separates Tyranny from other RPG games. One important feature in Tyranny is your reputation. Choosing which factions you’re allied within the game will build up your reputation, and that will be the vocal point in Tyranny. Although the game is mostly about “evil protagonist”, you can also have freedom to rebel and fight the evil yourself. There is always option for anarchy, even if you deem anarchy itself as something…evil.

Tyranny was released worlwide on November 2016, and is available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


7. Dark Rose Valkyrie

Dark Rose Valkyrie - Feature

Set in alternate history of Japan in 1929, the nation was struck by fallen meteorite known as the Black Garnet. The aftermath is obvious: a disease called Chimera spread by the meteorite, turning people into dangerous creatures and responsible for the loss of 3% world population. Enters Asahi, member of  Special Force Valkyrie assigned to eliminate the Chimera and those infected by it. Although mainly plays as JRPG, Dark Rose Valkyrie also include visual novel element in it. Player must carefully read every statements and  find any contradictions in order to pinpoint the traitor among the party.

Dark Rose Valkyrie was released exclusively for PS4 in Japan on July 2016, and worldwide release is set to be on Q1/Q2 2017. More about the game here.


8.Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 cover

Have you ever imagined a female fight against a mechanical T-Rex with just a measly bow and arrow? If you haven’t, then Horizon Zero Dawn is the answer for you. Play as Aloy, a huntress who lives in a world full of robots, sets out to discover the dangers herself. Aloy’s prehistoric appearance contrast with her cybertron-ish, mechanical adversaries is only one of the few interesting aspect of the game. Earlier this week, Sony indicated that Horizon Zero Dawn can be the new franchise for the company.

Horizon Zero Dawn is exclusive for PS4 and set to be released on February 28, 2017. More updates will be revealed here.


9. The Longest Five Minutes

The Longest Five Minutes Logo

The Longest Five Minutes starts from your final battle with the Overlord, yet somehow you loses all your memories. Literally everything, from your hometown’s name even the reason why you fought the Overlord! You must regain your memories back through conversations with your party, even with the Overlord himself, before everything’s too late. Each memories will be played in classic 8-bit RPG style, and will have a little bit visual novel in it.

The Longest Five Minutes was released in Japan on  July 2016, and worldwide release for Vita and PC set to be in 2017.


10. I am Setsuna

I am Setsuna artwork

Wicked. Yes, that is the word that crossed my mind when I read the plot of this game. The protagonist is a young female sent (or in this case, sacrificed) by her village to calm the violent fiend in the land. But just like Tyranny with its unique plot than other RPGs, this kind of plot makes I am Setsuna stands out more. What’s even better is, the battle system resembles the one in Chrono Trigger (who doesn’t love Chrono Trigger, right?). The story in I am Setsuna, albeit sad and seem to full of sorrow, is quite impactful. If you’re the type who indulge yourself in deep and touching plot, this game should be in your list.

I am Setsuna is available already on PS4, PS Vita, and Windows. Nintendo Switch version is set to be on March 3, 2017. More about this game here.

Lots of interesting entries mentioned above, and most of them are from major developer we all know too well. I’m  personally looking forward to the release of Project Octopath Traveler and Project Re Fantasy, although that might still be in the very distant future. Kindly share your thought if there’s any new RPG IP  you think should be on the list.


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