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About Us

RPGValiant is a website dedicated to give you the latest update about both RPG news and Visual Novel (VN) game news and interesting articles around the RPG & VN World. We cover games from both major developers and indie developers. Let us know about your game and we may be interested to cover it (use the contact page here).

We also write some RPG & VN Game review and you are free to add your opinion about the game. We might include your opinion in the game review article to help other readers make a better decision before deciding to play that game.

There are other features and coverage beside those three in the future. Please look forward to it 🙂

The Founding of RPG Valiant

RPG Valiant Logo

RPGValiant is founded by Everlight (which is also the contributor of some articles), a game fan and lover of the RPG genre. He believes that game is actually exist to make human’s life better.

Sounds a bit exaggerating, but there are a lot of articles out there to prove what i the good effect of playing game. At the very least, it helps us to enrich our imagination and relax our mind (although certain game may frustrate you due to its ridiculous difficulty).

The website came alive at the end of year 2015, but fully active around February 2016. You can see the team behind RPGValiant here.

Our Mascot

RPG Valiant Main Mascot - Therra

The main mascot of RPG Valiant is Therra. His name is derived from the word ‘Terra’, literally means ‘Earth’. He is a brave lion wielding “Sword of Valiant Heart” and wearing “Armor of Bravery” to protect the realm of RPG Valiant from spam and troll enemies.

He is never hesitant to stand up for his friends and the weaks. Despite having a cool job, Therra is actually a bit clumsy. Although possessing a similar trait with typical RPG heroes, he has another unique trait.

Therra is a vegetarian lion and will never eat any kind of meat 🙂

Any Feedback or Question?

If you have any question, interested to become contributor, or have any feedback, feel free to drop it in the Contact Us section 🙂

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