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Pokken Tournament DX Gameplay Is Demonstrated At E3 2017!

| By: Bismuth

This year’s E3 gives us more detail regarding Pokken Tournament DX, a Switch version of Wii U’s Pokken Tournament. That is, we can see Pokken Tournament DX gameplay in videos! Check them out below!

The first video shows us the game’s full presentation from Bandai Namco’s development team. Meanwhile, the second is a recording of the Pokkén Tournament DX Invitational tournaments.


Some other new Pokken Tournament DX features were revealed during the live stream. There are two new stages, Regi Ruins and Thalia Beach. There is also a Decidueye debuff move that allows him to temporarily block an enemy to call a Support Pokemon. Next, a Team Battles let people participate in a match with three different Pokemon on each side. Finally, there is revealed a replay mode that will let you see videos from your friends and high level players.

Pokken Tournament DX is set to release on September 22, 2017 for Nintendo Switch. Check out for more Pokemon news!


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