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Kemco RPG Symphony of Eternity Launches on Nintendo eShop!

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At exactly this very date, Kemco proudly launched their latest retro-style classic RPG, Symphony of Eternity. The game is already available in the Nintendo eShop for USD 7.99 / EUR 7.99 / GBP 7.19.


This is the story line of Symphony of Eternity via Kemco.

Kreist is on a quest with his golem friend Dauturu to find Regratlute, which is said to be able to grant any wish. On their travels, they come across a young lady being attacked by demons, and rescue her. What fate awaits Kreist, Dauturu, and the mysterious young lady?


– Retro-style classic RPG

– Create and customize weapons

– Develop characters using the tablet system

– Unleash break skills during turn-based battles

– Many must-see elements

The Symphony of Eternity is a lore-based heavy RP guild made up predominantly of Blood Elves, though it is not race-specific. SoE strives for excellence in RP but also do some end-game raiding (even if it is not the focus of their existence) and some group PvP (World, BG and Arena). Their focus is more on the people within the guild, ensuring that they have friends as well as guildmates.


Next stop, the trailers.


Symphony of Eternity is now available for Nintendo 3DS.


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