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Final Fantasy Legends II Is Announced for Smartphone

| By: Runefayt

Square Enix released new teaser for Final Fantasy Legends II just like we previously informed here. Therefore, it is clear that Final Fantasy Legends II is announced for smartphone with the teaser video below.

You may check it for yourself.


The game’s director, Takashi Tokita who is also Chrono Trigger and Parasite Eve director, give a message which may describe the game itself. This message also shows in the teaser video which pretty much says:

Final Fantasy is about characters with anger and sadness and dramatic battles full of humanity. And more than anything else, we should not forget the fantasy.

Furthermore, he’s also give a hint through his other message in the video which proclaim this game is a stand alone from the previous game. Which means Final Fantasy Legends II will have a fresh new story unlike Final Fantasy Legends: Space Time Crystal who inherits Warriors of Light and Darkness.

Final Fantasy Legends II will be available for iOS and Android in Japan.


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