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Dragon Quest XI Screenshots Shows Characters from Delcadar

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Previously, Square Enix gives us a batch of screenshots for Dragon Quest XI along with its plot twist. This time, the new batch of screenshots introduce characters from Kingdom of Delcadar, which is the first destination for the hero’s journey. They are The King, Greig, and Homeros.

King of Delcadar

The King of Delcadar is known as a wise ruler and a powerful fighter. He is considered a “rare ruler,” because of his qualities, and while he’s known as benevolent, he can be very stern when order is disturbed.


Greig is a general of Delcadar, superior to everyone else in bravery and feats of arms. He’s undefeated despite squaring off against demons hundreds of times. His loyalty is strong, an for the sake of his lord he would easily put his life on the line.


Homeros is Delcadar’s tactician. He has a lot of achievements under his belts, like defeating an army of demons with just a few troops. He is able to achieve certain victory by judging the situation appropriately and taking quick decisions.

Dragon Quest XI will be available for 3DS, and PlayStation 4 on July 29th 2017 in Japan. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch version is yet to be announced. Read more post related to Dragon Quest here.


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