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Cooking RPG Dungeon Chef Is Available on Mobile!

| By: Lyner

Indonesian-based indie mobile games studio Agate Studio has launched its new game Dungeon Chef for Android and iOS! Dungeon Chef is a unique hybrid of RPG and cooking genres, where players will try to become a famous chef, and as you’ve probably guessed by now, collecting the ingredients by defeating various monsters! Check out all the details below.



Dungeon Chef tells the story of a certain heir of a once famous restaurant, which stopped operating after the owner suddenly disappeared after battling a monster. Players will play as the heir and start making your way to bring the restaurant back to its former glory! The game features various gameplays in order to serve foods for the customers: deciding on a recipe, searching and defeating certain monsters, and finally cooking it!


Dungeon Chef is now available for Android and iOS devices in Indonesia and Japan.


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